Back up plan.

My mum has been bugging me to book our wedding venue. Usually, I will just shake it off saying it’s too early. As 6 months approaching, I told A to check out the booking process. Wedding venue was supposed to be Bukit Batok CC. Yes, you read it right. WAS SUPPOSED! 😦 Anyway, here’s what happen..

We initially heard rumours going around that you need to wait at least 3 months instead of 6 months. We kinda followed it blindly until one day we think back again, “What if different CC, different regulations kan?” Haha. Selenger bacin. Long story cut short, since it’s approaching 6 months soon, A decided to call the CC. They said we can put our name first to reserve and approval will come in the later part by the higher authority. Thank god la he called. Kalau takkk, tunggu kau 3 bulan baru nak panic!

Yesterday, we both went down to the CC to reserve the place. The man said that exactly 6 months (I assume it will be 25 July?) they will call again to confirm. We went to take a look at the place and did some rough planning on the layout. Just today, A had to drop the atom bomb to me. THEY WILL BE HAVING RENOVATIONS FOR THE COURTYARD AND CC CARPARK DURING THAT PERIOD. This is my reaction upon hearing the bad news:


So lucky we enquired first! I know it’s good to have a back up plan but at that point of time, I was so set on Bukit Batok CC. It is very near to my house and the MRT station! Anyway, with the hall alone definitely will not be able to accommodate a combined wedding. Plus, if the renovation is going on, it will result in messy and unpleasant sight. Haish. What to goes on..

We came up with 2 different CC as our new wedding venue and now pending for discussion. A actually took leave (because he came home late!) and went to these 2 CCs to place our name. Lol. Kiasu much!! Better be kiasu than not having a place for our wedding kan! Hopefully, all will go well.. Ade hikmah di sebalik ni semua I guess. InsyaAllah. Gotta pray for the best. Lesson learnt: Always be kiasu. Nothing is confirmed unless you have booked it. And always HAVE A BACK UP PLAN! 😡


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