Venue status: Pending

So, we’ve tried to source out other possibilities. Void-deck is a no-no because we lack of space to cater to our invitations. We did consider building a tentage over an empty land but our package with Amani is based on CC. We’re kinda losing out on that one. Therefore, we’re back to CC again. A told me that the in-charge of BB CC called him to inform that they are starting the renovation of the courtyard. He can’t give us confirmation/assurance that the renovation will end on time for our wedding despite their estimated completion time is in Dec. It’s okayyy. A told him to just reserve that lot under our name in case they end early. In the meantime, we still try to source out other places. One of it was Jrg Green CC.

We went down to that place yesterday to enquire more. That place is the next ideal venue for our wedding although the price is steeper :/ They explained that it’s not based on first come first serve and that it’s quite early to submit our name. People kept forgetting that it’s already 6 months to Jan just because it’s in 2015 (next year). They kept emphasizing to come 6 months exact from our wedding date. So, I thought maybe it should be 25 July then we must apply. Sekali, they said that no need to be exact from wedding date. It’s the month they are looking at. I stared at him and told him that IT IS 6 MONTHS AWAY from our wedding date. Turns out, he thought that it’s still in June -.-” So we put our name and have to wait 2 weeks to 2 months for the confirmation (the range punya la panjang!) He mentioned that priority will be given to CC events and the residence of Jrg (meaning if there’re anyone who apply for the same date as me and live in Jurong, the chances of them getting it is higher than me because I live in Bukit Batok and A live in CCK). Haiz.. ANYBODY WHO HAVE THE SAME WEDDING DATE AS ME AND APPLYING THE SAME VENUE PLEASE OWN UP OKAY. #inisumecobaan Hopefully, we’ll get either one of it and get the confirmation soon enough!  

On a different note, if you don’t know me..I’m kinda into KPOP. Lol. Tapi tak giler rabak, da tone down (semenjak nak kahwin ni kan. haha prasan). 


My abang TOP and G-Dragon coming to SG!!! Not forgetting my fav girl group, 2NE1! I attended the F1 concert whereby Big Bang came to SG. Syiokkkk sey, kemaruk ngn TOP! This is actually a good deal. For the price of one, you can see all the YG family ♥♥♥ I even asked my friends if they want to buy this for my birthday present..(HAHAH MAJOR TAK TAU MALU). Abeh sume senyap. A few minutes later, my UNI friend msged me this same thing. I told her I had to forgo this again..due to revised budget for our wedding. She told me to pick a date and that she’s getting it as my wedding gift. I was so touched by it and even felt guilty lorrrr. Kinda contemplated it and after weighing the options, I told myself letting this go was a wise decision (or is it…) I appreciated her offer but I told her this is not a priority for me (OMG WHY I SOUND SO GROWN UP). If she wants, she can give me another form of wedding gift to me! Lol. 


5 thoughts on “Venue status: Pending

  1. OMG!!! I wanted to go also and I have been missing the others as I was financially tight. And now that this is here and it’s after my wedding I WON’T BE IN SINGAPORE. hampe gila. I so semangat already whatsapp my sister in law. =.=

  2. Hey if BB CC and Jurong Green doesn’t work out for you, maybe you’d want to try Bukit Timah CC. They allow overnight cooking and there’s a huge courtyard in front of the hall to accommodate family members etc. I initially wanted BB CC too cos it’s 5 mins away from my house but they were very unhelpful when I was enquiring.

    • Hi! Bukit Timah CC quite far away from us..and not convenient for our relatives (that’s how my dad sees it as -.-) Thanks for the input anyway 🙂

      Same here. BB CC is just a stop away from my place. Did you go there to enquire? They were okay to me and my partner. Update us promptly. Anyway, when is your big day? 😀

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