Katil bought!

Let me start this entry with:



We went to Singapore Expo over the weekends to pay the deposit to Esa Wedding for our album. Remember the long heartbreaking story where I need to part with beautiful pictures taken? So yeah, 2 months from now then we can collect our album. Can’t wait! Anyway, since we were in the East (very rare you know! – story of West sider entering East side place. lol) we might as well check out for our bed right at Courts Tampines.

So when we reached there, there was Asia Pacific Furniture Fair going on. A lot of interior designers approached us and A kept repeating, “Sorry, we don’t have our own house yet!”. Haha. Anyway, our objective for that day was very clear: To check out bed ONLY. It was my first time being so choosy about buying bed. I mean, of course kan! It’s THE BED which I’ll be sharing with my spouse (*ehem*) for 3 years before we move out into our BTO with another new bed (Mum said once we move into our own place must buy new bed -.-) I took reference from my parents’ bed. It was so comfy that I don’t want to wake up at all. Even got A to test it out.

We went around and came across Max Coil. It was a brand which I’ve never heard before. And guess what? We fell in love with our first choiceeee *.* I told A not to make any rash decision and we still have a lot to consider. We tested the mattress by sitting on it but was advised that sitting and sleeping gives you a different feeling. So yeah, kite dua baring on the bed. Fuuh, syiok sey. It’s like we’re lying on a cloud (macam pena try gitu eh). We even tested out the non-disturbance experiment (A called it ‘Escape Route’ experiment). I swear I didn’t feel anything when A moved. A jokingly said that it’s good so that he could sneak out at night -.-” *gives one big punch* We tried on a lot of mattress (King Koil, Sealy (urgh, bad experience with the sales person!), Castilla etc..but nothing is comparable to Max Coil. Therefore, we ended up purchasing for it. A was initially worried whether they can keep it till Dec for delivery. The response we get? “Haiya, it’s a perfect time for you to buy it. You only Jan. I got those want to deliver in June 2015! No problem one” Hahaha! It’s good to know that there are those more kiasu than us!

Alhamdullilah, we’ve settled the bed. The moment we got the bed, I was suddenly inspired by theme/color of our bridal room. We’re DIY-ing the room with my parents’ help. My dad is quite creative. I kinda rely on him a lot. Nak pilih wardrobe kat IKEA pon susah sey. I need to bring my dad! Mampos, kalau ade rumah sendiri macam ane sey nak pegi furniture shopping! :/ On a side note, school will resume back tomorrow! 😦 Hello Year 3 Sem 1. I hope to clear some of the things-to-do list in between of school and work. Exams will end in Nov. After that, chiong all the way for wedding prep! Let’s do this!


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