Bridal Bouquet

Photo on 10-8-14 at 8.39 pm #2

I was studying when my niece passed me this. Received a wedding invitation from @Elibr 😀 Thank you!

Anyway, if you’ve not heard, Dreamers Soiree will be having its 2nd event this 18th October! And boy, was I glad I followed some of the vendors listed 🙂 Got to feast my eyes in the beauty of their creations! In the previous event which I RSVPed, my main focus was on the wedding cake. I was overjoyed when I got to book fluff bakery (WHO WONT RIGHTTT). Considered one of the lucky ones she accepted 2015 orders back then. I thought this time round, I won’t be much interested because wedding cake √ (@fluffbakery), invitation card √ (but you gotta check @hocuspocusevents also!), decoration for gift trays √ (@ellywedding), wedding decor √, photographer √ (ah, I’m loving the bright colors/moments taken by @pinkelephantlabs). So you see..the only one I’m left is..BRIDAL BOUQUET! I’ve been dreading for this because:

1) I’m not really a flower person (didn’t even have one for my engagement coz it’s menyemak for me. lol.) Regardless, I still want to have one for my wedding. I know, weird. I just find that it completes every bride (based on my own opinion).

2) The only flowers I know are: baby’s breath, sunflower, roses, tulips, peonies..and err that’s for now. I know pathetic right -.-” Even my MOH figured that out. My flowers dictionary are LIMITED.

3) I would like to create my own bouquet (different from others) but I can’t visualize what it will look like for now. Still no inspiration.

But when they introduced the vendors who will be joining Dreamers Soiree, I was smitten by..who else if not @cherriesmitten. I wasn’t aware of this vendor before this but I just love their flowers arrangement / colors etc. (sorry still a flower/bouquet noob).

bouquet1 bouquet2 bouquet3 bouquet4 bouquet5

Pictures taken from: CherrieSmitten ‘s instagram ♥♥♥

I just found my ideal bouquet *.* Those colors are to die for! I immediately emailed them to enquire how much 🙂 I was kinda torn between liaising with them directly or RSVP to Dreamers Soiree just for them. Sure there will be attractive packages 😉 Being the kiasu me, I did both. Lol. I RSVP to the event while waiting for Cherriesmitten’s reply. Was informed that they will be having 10% off for this month. STILL A GOOD DEAL right? Just go ajeeee. Gonna go to pinterest to find more inspiration!


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