Redundant post.



Similar to our situation, just that you reverse the gender role. Lol. Yeah, I can eat all I want but not gain (visible) weight. Recently, my appetite has grown tremendously (which is good..!). Therefore, most of my money spent on food -.- Ohwells. As long as I’m happy eh! 😀 Need to gain enough weight for the wedding! The food I ate has got to stop going straight to my butt only :< Okay, this is such a redundant post. Lol. Bye.


2 thoughts on “Redundant post.

    • Ahh yes..kinda sick and tired of hearing people around me saying I’m too kurus la etc. But acceptable weight sey. Ni la org, kurus salah, berisi salah -,-”

      Anyway, good luck for losing weight! You can do it! 😀

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