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dreamers soiree

Yay! So excited for this. However, I think I should give up my place for the more deserving BTBs since most of my items are settled. See what A got to say. Left with the bridal bouquet only..and I’m half-way liaising with CherrieSmitten since last week. She usually takes 1 day max to reply. But I’ve yet to hear from her since last week :/ I hate to be pestering vendor for reply..I guess I’ll just wait and give her till end of this week before I send out another email (just in case she missed out my email).

Oh, what’s the update of my wedding prep? Truth to be told, nothing much. We are still waiting for the reply from the CC for our venue. InsyaAllah, we’ll be collecting the jars for our berkat end of Aug. And we’ll be heading over KL on the 5th – 7th Sept to buy bridesmaids’ outfits and other pending dulang stuff.

Sidetrack// SO SORRY @ELIBR BECAUSE I OVERLOOK YOUR WEDDING DATE 😦 So confident can attend (coz it’s nearby my area) but I just realized that on your wedding date, I’ll be at KL liaooo 😦 Thanks for the invitation though. I wish that all goes well and smoothly on your special day! 19 more days!!

One by one, we’re getting it done. Thinking about wedding stuff, my room, school, assignments etc…god, please give me all the strength I need. I.CAN.DO.THIS.

Let’s end with raya pictures shall we? Ishk, macam tak biase gitu. We, malay, really live up with our 1 month of raya eh. Oh, this one is not last kopek raya. Next week, I still have one last one on Saturday. HAHA.


Presenting my bridesmaids and I (missing one though)


And coincidentally, our partners were also arranged the same we stand. Lol. Just match vertically.


We kena photobombed by A -.-” So cheeky tau this boy!

IMG-20140816-WA0057 IMG-20140816-WA0061


May we stay this crazy until all of us are married 🙂

This is how taking picture with A will be like. You know the funny part? A posted the picture whereby he looked shorter than me by bending his knees. His friends commented asking him how he did that and which app he use. HAHAHAHA. He’s gifted indeed. IN DECEIVING PEOPLE THAT IS.


Finally, a decent photo of us. ♥ you till the end, A.


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