2 down baby!


It’s been a pleasure working with Izyan from Cherriesmitten 🙂 She has been very patient and helpful in choosing the type of flowers I want for my bouquet (Mind you, it’s such a headache!). Placed the deposit with them and have also withdraw myself out of the Dreamers Soiree’s invitation 😦 Haha, told A that he’ll be marrying Ezra instead of Farah. FYI, my real name doesn’t even have ‘Ezra’ in it. If you receive any invitation card name tak familiar langsung but ade ciri-ciri farah, that’s me la eh. Lol. That name so called stuck with me since Sec Sch because I used it so often in the social media. Even A’s friend call me Ezra Farah, thinking that’s my full name. Best kan..kirekan Ezra Farah is my alter ego gitu la. #ponboleh

Just yesterday, before I went to bed at 11pm, received an email from Card Maison. OMO, must start choosing the design already liao.







Thinking back, it’s amazing how fast time flies!


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