Tok Kadi Oh Tok Kadi

I’ve made a mistake :/ Suppose to register online for ROMM tomorrow (29th Aug 00:00 hrs). Yeah kiasu much! I only discuss with dad last weekend on who is my saksi. I did told him I need the name and IC of that person by Thursday. Just now, in the morning, he told me that he can only give me the details on Saturday because he needs to personally ask him to be my saksi and all. I guess I was ignorant on the procedure before. I thought it will be just ‘okay, I’ll be your saksi. These are my details’. Should have taken the tips from Ili (sup tulang and kacang pool ‘bribery’ *.*). Will 1 day make a different? I’m scared we will not get the kadi we want… Whyyy oh whyyyyyyyyy!@$#@%#$ Unless, we put anyone’s name in order to secure the kadi first and change it later at a fee of $15. Haishhhh!



2 thoughts on “Tok Kadi Oh Tok Kadi

  1. HAHA had to mention my bribery lah jugak? Hey it does make a difference tauu! But if you have a specific kadi you want, i heard you need to contact him personally to book his time so that he’ll block that slot for u and will only release it once u are registering. Or at least thats what i heard! Try getting the kadi’s number and contacting them k!

    • HAHAHA! Tu bribery paling syiokkk sey! Oh eh? I’ve read some blogs that they did try to contact the tok kadi personally. Okay2, shall ask my fiance to call the tok kadi sekarang jugak! Hahaha, thanks for the tips! 😀

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