(The screenshot above like any other mandatory picture

Anyway, Alhamdullilah 🙂 We managed to overcome the lil problem we had previously.

I remember painfully (exaggerate mau lebih) counting back 150 days from our wedding date to register for ROMM. Turns out there’s actually a calendar online to prompt you when is the earliest/latest to apply. Thank you to the bloggers for posting the know-hows. Kire 150 days pon salah -.-” I actually thought it was 28th Aug but the right date was 29th Aug…which is TODAY!

It’s ADVISABLE to use INTERNET EXPLORER when you want to apply online. Thus, I have to leave it to A to do it because I’m using mac. Right after Ili’s comment on contacting the Tok Kadi personally, I did ask A to contact our choice of ustaz personally to inform him beforehand on our intention to book him etc. A must think I’m ridiculous for being kiasu..but it’s the norm especially when we have our own preferred ustaz! A was shy and did not contact the ustaz at all -.-”

At 12 midnight just now, I called A to apply online. After I called, I went back to sleep, leaving all in his hands. Woke up at 5am and turns out he still haven’t register. The kiasuness in me began to panic (I know I’m not the ONLY ONE kiasu btb :P). A told me that Ustaz K was not in the listttt. (Cue:*OH TIDAKKKKKKK*) and the earliest time to book is 10am. We actually plan to nikah at 9am on that day. I told A to message Ustaz K immediately to ask him personally. While waiting for his response, A informed me on the available Tok Kadi-s. So before A’s laptop die on him (he claimed he cannot book at 12am because the system keep shutting him out) and he have to do it all over again, I told him to just book Ustaz S (Sorry eh Ustaz to make you come all the way from Compassvale to Jurong early in the morning :S ) A already messaged Ustaz S if he’s able to come at 9am on that day and pending for his reply..else, we’ll have to push back everything in order to nikah at 10am. Is 9am too early to nikah? Kalau boleh, right away lepas subuh nak nikah. HAHAHA.

//Just got the news just now from A that Ustaz K replied saying he’s available (even though his name is not in the system) -.-” Ohwells, bukan rezeki kite I guess. 

// Ustaz K actually messaged A twice, saying that he’s able to come at 9am and that he had opened up that slot for us. So A made the necessary amendment and we got our 1st choice ustaz! Yay! Alhamdullilah 😀 Of course we had informed Ustaz S also and he was very understanding about it.


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