Wedding Jitters

I kind of feel bad after posting my previous protected post but somehow I feel calmer. I need a space to let off some steam. After writing it down, I tend to read it over and over again. And by doing so, I began to reflect on other possibilities. Maybe it’s this..maybe it’s that. I tried to rationalize the situation. Perhaps, I’m just feeling the tension/stress as our wedding date draws closer. I have been having bad dreams about it. A called it Wedding Jitters. Hmm, may all goes as smoothly as plan. InsyaAllah…


4 thoughts on “Wedding Jitters

  1. I had the jitters 2 months before the wedding too, and it got worse a week before. It helps to be around people who are willing to help you. Keep calm and selawat, in shaa Allah all will go well. All the best babe 🙂

      • No lah I don’t think it’s ever to early to get the jitters babe. Banyakkan selawat to keep yourself come. A week before my wedding, I lost my appetite completely and my body was shivering like nobody’s business. Take care of yourself and don’t forget to eat okay 😉

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