KL Trippin’

I had the best/crazy weekends thanks to the best company. I had plans to go KL to purchase some of our wedding stuff for a very long time. Told A that we should go for a day trip but he insisted not enough time blah blah blah. Long story cut short, we went with my bridesmaids + their partners along last Friday. 3D2N. It was the best decision ever 😀 Although the planning/booking can be a pain in the ass, all went well eventually. Thank you to my MOH/bestie for guiding us throughout the trip/booking of bus/itinerary!

Day 1 in KL

Took the bus from Boon Lay shopping centre early in the morning. Oh did I mention I was nursing a very high fever the night before? Haiya, manyak leceh. I even asked my mum to sponge me so that my fever will cool down before my trip. Makan ubat bersungguh-sungguh for KL sake. Slept from 6pm till 6am the next day. Pack bag pon ala-kada je (I was the slackest of all in the group 😦 ) Anyway, back to the story, I was impressed with the leg space for the bus (first timer). I usually hate taking bus for long hours because I easily get 1) Mabok 2) The urge to go to toilet (I stayed away from water an hour before boarding the bus). Thank god for A because for that 5 hr trip, I was laughing most of the time because of ‘Running Man’ and ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway”. He downloaded a whole season for both of us to watch 😀

Reached KL, booked bus for coming back SG and went to check in at the hostel I booked. Since our group is big (10 pax), we opted for hostel because it’s less costly and less of a hassle too! Bestie recommended this place called ‘Backhome‘. It was a decent hostel based on the website. Why not kan? Good experience for 3D2N trip and this bride is on tight budget (ooppss :x). Anyway, the place was awesome la! I’m a neat/hygiene freak but I love this place. You’ll feel comfortable as if you’re at your own home. I booked 2 rooms; 4 beds and 6 beds (all are double deckers). They have lockers too but you got to bring your own padlock. 1 night/pax = RM48 is actually not bad lor. Oh, there’s a common bathroom/shower (meaning you’ve to share with all) but that wasn’t any issue with it coz it’s clean 🙂

C360_2014-09-05-16-35-09-900 C360_2014-09-05-16-35-24-032 C360_2014-09-05-16-35-36-472

Our hostel is a walking distance from Masjid Jamek station. So our means of transportation is mainly by LRT. So convenient. Bought their ez-link card and can last for almost 1.5 days (RM10). We headed to KWC (KENANGA WHOLESALE CITY) first to buy the bridesmaids’ outfit. Get mission accomplish first then can hurray hurray kan? It’s a walking distance from Station Hang Tuah. Boleh nampak KWC from far. Very big place. It’s true when people said that it reminds you of Platinum Mall in BKK. We reached there around 5pm or so? I understand that the place closes early around 8pm. Our itinerary were quite tight for 3 days. Got separated from the boys because obviously they will get bored following us around. Besides, there are men section also! Pandai-pandai la dorang.

I don’t have a specific bridesmaids’ outfit for them. I just want them to wear sedondon. If not for the wedding, I would have gone crazy for the dresses they have there. So cheap compare to SG! The more you buy, the cheaper it is. Don’t ask me to recommend which shop because there are seriously A LOT of shops there. And I can’t remember all of it. Lol. Almost all shops have the same type of design but their cost varies. The only disadvantage:  it’s free size (their free size mostly cater to small size like me. I got 1 cute bridesmaid..so takde hal, we just kept looking.)

Suddenly, one outfit caught one of my bridesmaids’ eye. So funny. Everything was decided there and then. It’s nice seeing them got excited over these stuff 🙂 It’s definitely something different from what I’ve seen other bridesmaids’ outfits. Sneak peak sikit la eh.. :p


Okay dah. Tu je :p I also got 1 for myself. Takpe, can wear for next year hari raya haji! HAHAHA.

Did I mention we saw famous people? Left to right: Bob Marley tangan patah, Ramli Sarip zaman muda and Albert Einstein sesat. Lol! Boys will be boys *shakes head*


After that, we went to Pavilion to eat TONY ROMA’s for dinner due to much rave about it.



It was a-okay for me leh. Maybe because I was sick and having flu? I don’t know. Sedap la. One of my friend actually preferred Badoque to this. Haha. Ohwells. Our bill for that night was RM700 plus for 10 pax. That was the most expensive meal throughout the trip. After such a hearty meal, we went back to our hostel. Had shower and went to watch movie in the special room at hostel. Need I say more on how awesome our hostel is? You can select a wide range of movies and watch it while lying on the comfortable sofa like bed 🙂

Day 2

It’s Masjid India day! Time to get our telekung/sejadah/kain/Qur’an for our dulang. Before that, we went to Publika. Took cab in order to save time. Had to separate into groups of 5.


We were hungry!! We got separated from another 5 because apparently both taxis dropped us at 2 different places. Luckily we sorted out that our main intention to go to Publika was to buy Wondermilk. So we walked around just to find Wondermilk and finally, we saw them waiting! Telepathy works!





Free WIFI ape lagi kan!

Once we were back on full force, it was brunch time. We went to The Red Beanbag but it was full house. Tengok bawah, ade Ben’s. Confidently masuk asking for table for 10 pax. When we saw the menu, terperanjat jap. It was almost similar to Tony Roma’s. We want to have a variety of food types so we apologised and went out to Journal by Plan B! 😀 Best brunch meal ever!



The famous hanging chairs. Lol.


As noob as I sound, I’m glad my first egg benedict is from here 😀 Very filling and yummy! *do the puas hati dance*

1pm to 5pm were free time for all of us. We went separate ways; most of them accompanied me to Masjid India. Thank you so much for that! It was hot but no complain as we managed to buy most of our stuff there 🙂 Alhamdullilah. Slowly getting things done. Bought kain for dulang also! Meet them up at the hostel by 5pm so that we’re able to send off my friend to KL Sentral, back home to SG via plane. We then took cab to Kulcats for our dinner! Note: Must call to make reservation before you go there! It’s always crowded. Our original itinerary was to go Kulcats on our first day there but luckily, one of them called and they said they were fully booked. I don’t know if we got cheated or what but the taxi kept going round and round saying he’s not sure where it is. The fare was close to RM40 ringgit from KL Sentral to this place. Err, okay la. We dropped some place and had to walk a bit in order to reach this place. It’s not centralized as I thought it would be because there’s so much rave about this one also. Reservation at 8pm but we reached there slightly early. While waiting for our table, we entertained ourselves.



We had quite a feast here. Ordered a lot of food. Food is goodddddd I must say! This one cannot deny. No service charge/GST! Our total bill was half of that at Tony Roma’s! lol. Okayla, not comparable because we ordered steaks there..here mostly pasta/pizzas etc. I had Seafood Marinara and the food is served large portion. So puas hati ar 😀 Sedap la sey. Although it came in big portion (to me), I wasn’t feeling bloated after eating it. As if it rested nicely on my stomach gitu. Hehs. Good food makes you happy, definitely!

C360_2014-09-06-20-18-51-470 (1)

Day 3

It’s our last day in KL 😦 Kinda sad to leave the hostel. Such a good experience. Check out at 12pm. And what’s checking out without taking pictures righttttt…




*cue 2NE1 music – Come Back Home* Strongly recommended if you go in groups 🙂 Thanks bestie for recommending this awesome place.

Through this trip, I’ve learnt a lot. There has been drama days before the trip but I’m glad all is well. We set aside our differences and had fun for this trip. Won’t be complete without the presence of each individual partner 🙂 They made the trip fun filled. Thank you A for the jokes and laughter. He’s indeed the joker of the group, paired along with my bestfriend’s partner. Great combination they made. Sajak la tu.

I’ve so many things to be thankful but mainly to A. Thank you for taking care of me while I’m sick, for paying most of my meals there, for the entertainment, for sharing with me some valuable lesson, for being good with directions (I’m so bad at this) and for everything. I know I’ve chosen the right one ♥♥♥♥

Oh, received a present from one of my annoying bridesmaids (coz she always bully/tease me) and this is really an eye opener (padahal baru 1st chapter. HAHAHAHA) I shall read on and see how it is okay? 🙂


Alhamdullillah for everything.



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