short updates.

140311070310_Lakeville-107 jurong green cc

Alhamdullilah, we managed to secure our wedding venue which will be located at Jurong Green CC. We went down to place the deposit right away after confirmation. The place we booked is quite spacious; hall as well as the indoor basketball court beside it. And thank god for the fans at basketball court. We just need to think on the layout for our wedding…alah, nanti-nanti la pikir. The cost for our wedding venue is no joke *gulps* what to do..we don’t have a spacious void deck to cater a combine wedding. Partly also because A sweats easily and needs to be in air-conditioned place. Tak best ar kalau pakai baju pengantin berpeluh macam **** That time we went for Shabu Shabu je berpeluh macam water fountain at his specs area. Tak paham macam mane boleh berpeluh kat sane sampai kene selit tissue at the side to stop his sweating -.- Tak klakar eh.



This was taken during our outdoor photoshoot. Gambar je romantic but di sebalik tabir, he was actually sweating in this picture. Tu tangan is to lap his peluh lor. Haha, lepas amek gambar teros lap kat baju dier. Prangai! Takpelah, sayang punya pasal kan :p

Oh did I mention dad asked for additional invites? Another 100 pax. Not that I have any issue on that since both our parents are paying for the food..but I hope it ends there. No more increasing pls! Macam ade trend parents nak increase invite last minute eh? Hmmm…


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  1. Hi! I know you are busy with your upcoming wedding but I would like to know how much would the rate be for booking the basketball court at jurong green cc? Would you be able to share?

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