takde hal bro.

After reading blog posts on the new changes that Syraskin has implemented, I was more prepared than ever as to what to expect. Initially, I took the news badly. I actually booked them 2 days before my wedding. So I enquired them on where the studio is and if it is possible for them to come to my house at all. I was replied with what seemed like an automated reply for confirmation because I’ve seen the same screenshot from other blogs. They didn’t exactly answer my question on whether there’s even an option for them to come to my house instead of me going there (It’s at Joo Chiat people -.-). But it’s okay because got the info from other blogs that they do come down to your house but syra (the main person whose artwork we all love) won’t be there due to her newborn baby. After that reply, I ain’t going to waste time asking question which I already found out myself. I asked her again how long it will take for the whole process to be done. She called me instead of emailing.

I guess when you personally talk to them, it eases the understanding between both parties. She clarified that the whole process will take around 2.5 hours and we are good to go. However, we are allowed to stay if we want to. Once I arrive, they will do the legs first. I am more concern about the legs actually. After that, she will move on to do the hands. They did mention something about some stick on slipper? I don’t know how that works but I guess by then, the henna on the legs will be dry and able to wash it off? If not, can ask A to fetch and carry me back home. Lol. I don’t think it will be THAT bad la. I’m just lazy to source out and book another vendor for henna. Furthermore, they will offset $30 for the transportation. If I were to book again, it will be around the same price as what I’m left paying.

I told my mum that I need to go there to do my henna. She said, “Good”. I assume it will be less kecoh for the house? So no pantang for me? Yay? My MOH will be accompanying me there.. I will just inform my bridesmaids that I’m there and give them the option to come or not. Pretty much settled that part.

On a totally different note, it just occurs to me that I’ve yet to book any bridal spa package. Is it too early to book? Any recommendations? Oh and where can I get the stand for placing a big picture frame?


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