Ordinarily Extraordinary – Faizal Abdul Aziz

An inspiration..such wise words/advice.

Alia Abdullah

NUS Graduation1) Hi Faizal! I heard that you got first class honours and a near perfect GPA. Tell me more about the awards that you received during graduation.

I received two awards – one was the Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal for being the best student who achieved a Bachelor of Arts in FASS and the other one was the National University of Singapore Geographical Society Gold Model for being the best student in geography for the department. I got them based on my cumulative average points. I think I was just lucky.

2) Was it difficult to attain this success? A part of it may be luck. But I sense that there is more to it.

I guess so. I would say that when I was doing it, it was difficult. Every semester, I would struggle. But I hate being that person who falls behind in class. I really wanted…

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