on the roll.

Have been quite a productive September (omg, why is September ending so fast?!). I’m trying to complete as much as I can before my exam period in Nov T.T Actually, both of us have exam. Our last paper will be on the last week of Nov. Here are the list of things I aim to complete by then:

Sep – Oct

1) Collect the remaining berkats from JB (we’re going to JB this Sat!)

2) Collect our outdoor photoshoot album/frame from JB (we’re going to JB this Sat! can’t wait to see its final product!)

3) Buy A’s groomsmen outfit (we’re going to JB this Sat!)

4) Buy new bedsheet! (maybe we’ll check out this Sat also…)

5) Buy new wardrobe (probably in Oct gitu can?)

6) Go to JB (in Oct) with his mother and sis to buy bunga pahar thingy? I don’t know…some wedding related stuff

7) Paint and clean my room (this one contemplating if I should do it after or before Exams)

Can or not? I got a lot of things in my mind. I hope I did not miss out anything :s

*take a deep breath* Let’s do this!

#wheregottimetoblajamasak #hahais #somanythingstodosolittletime #soclichebuttrue



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