Mission 12347823640813 accomplished (too many to keep track)


Whaddup! Over the weekend, we went to JB again to run some wedding errands. So happy and relief that we are striking off the list of things to do. Alhamdullilah. We went to JB with 3 cars; me together with 8 guys. Did I mention that he have 11 groomsmen (inclusive of 2 bestmen)? Yeahhhh..so moving on! Met up at 2 plus and reached JB around 3 plus 4 gitu? Jam dier boleh tahan ar :/ Since we managed to ‘escape’ the jam, we went to Esa Wedding to collect our album and photo frames! I’m kinda happy with the results. Amin. Just that the gambar we enlarged it to put near the pelamin thingy wasn’t our first choice.. we wanted a different pose, the one whereby A wore his no.1 uniform and me wearing a white strapless gown. When I showed mum the final product, she was asking why I didn’t enlarge that photo (me wearing white gown). I stared at her -.- Padahal dier siang-siang da warning takmo tarok gambar pakai baju bebek (sp?). Ohwells. We can always enlarge that and put in our room kan? 😀 Showed my father our album and he commented, “Aik, belum kahwin da pegang-pegang, peluk-peluk sume eh.” After which, he just laughed it off. My dad so cool like that eh! HAHA. I’m reluctant to show to A’s mum though. Ala, touch-touch je and leaning here and there. HAHA OOPPS! 😡

After we collected the photos, we met the guys at Pandan City to search for his groomsmen outfit. I told them that my bridesmaid is wearing a traditional outfit, so it will complement well if they do the same too. The problem was color coordination. My bridesmaids will be wearing 2 different colors (totally not related to any theme. Wait, I don’t even have a theme to start off with). Finding the guys’ color to match is quite hard. Ended up, they volunteered to wear the same 2 colors. Lol. #ponboleh

I didn’t know that Pandan city have malay traditional clothes for guys lor. Before searching for it, we had a quick bite.


This keropok lekor is to die for can? So lembut and sedap nak mampos! We ordered 4 sets of this.

The shop we went to is very near to the makan place. One of the guys said, ” Eh! We found our outfit la sey!” and pointed to this.


HAHAHA. KONG ASAM BTOL. Siap dengan logo JOHOR dier skali. I no hal, yang pakai is dorang kan. LOL. Anyway, this place is heaven cannnn! Got soooo many colors available. One of my favourite colors (mint green/tiffany/turquoise etc) is thereeeee *.*


Before we got carried away with the colors, we asked for the price. Buying in bulk is an advantage because we can tawar the price lower. We tried to tawar first and second time, the salesman gave a slightly reduced price but the price for both S and M size are the same, L size is slightly more. Like merepek kan? Then we told him that we’ll discuss first..his friend asked to tawar one last time. We went in, he said that he will call his boss first. Alhamdullilah. After the conversation ended, the price was reduced more than we expected and it was the same for all sizes! 😀 I totally forgot what’s the name of the shop but it’s highly recommended if you want to buy in bulk. For my case, we bought for 11 pax. Tak sia-sia A ade byk groomsmen. Hah! What I can tell you is that the original price was RM80++ for 1 baju telok blangah. So yay! Baju groomsmen da settle! It’s quite easy to shop with them (guys). Better than A actually. They know which shade of colors that is suitable. You see, to A..a blue is a blue. He cannot really tell a difference between light blue/navy blue/cobalt blue etc. -.-”

After that, we went to collect our remaining botol for berkats. It was a total of 7 boxes and 3 cars were just sufficient for storage :/ We were worried about tax part but I will get back on that later. Kedebak kedebuk, da pukul 7+. We managed to settle all of our wedding stuff..so it was time to head for dinner! They all singgah the masjid nearby to solat maghrib 🙂

C360_2014-09-27-19-31-22-162 C360_2014-09-27-20-03-36-253

And then, it was this. Dinner at this place because they were airing the Liverpool vs Everton match -.-“” The food was not that fantastic but it was mad cheap. Okay lah, made up for the waiting time and the food; which kinda sucks.

Okay back to the list:

Sep – Oct

1) Collect the remaining berkats from JB (we’re going to JB this Sat!)

2) Collect our outdoor photoshoot album/frame from JB (we’re going to JB this Sat! can’t wait to see its final product!)

3) Buy A’s groomsmen outfit (we’re going to JB this Sat!)

4) Buy new bedsheet! (tak sempat.. 😦 means, we need to go JB again? SG one so expensiveee…haiyerr)

5) Buy new wardrobe (probably in Oct gitu can?)

6) Go to JB (in Oct) with his mother and sis to buy bunga pahar thingy? I don’t know…some wedding related stuff

7) Paint and clean my room (will be doing after exam ended!)

We reached SG close to 12 midnight. It was jam in SG.. Oh, the clearance custom! In the car, we had a total of 2 boxes, photo albums and the 11 baju. It was a thorough check sey! A was not helping the situation because he was already preparing his speech that the item we bought doesn’t cost that much and we didn’t do anything wrong. I’m like…BUT WE REALLY DIDN’T DO ANYTHING WRONG WHAT? They made you nervous that it seems even if you didn’t do wrong, it’ll make you look like you DID SOMETHING WRONG. Even I doubt myself sey for a moment :/ Oh god, the manipulation. To the extent that I had to clear everything in my bag and even inside my wallet. Tak ke seram gitu! He searched the boot and saw the baju and all. Our first mistake was that we didn’t have any receipt for the baju! OMG. WRONG TIMING. We were worried about the boxes but it’s the baju yang cause problem because the total price exceeded a certain amount and we had to pay tax for that? I also not sure :/ He checked A’s passport…asked when are we getting married..and eventually, he let us go. SIGH OF RELIEF TIMES INFINITY OKAY! Apparently, the other 2 cars had no problem. Just our luck. Ohwells.

Anyway, October is approaching in two days time. It sucks not being able to do much in Oct due to mugging and Nov due to exams :/ As a result, my last week of Nov and Dec is quite PACKED. Hopefully, we’ll be able to coordinate meetups/appointments where needed. It’s hard getting everyone together and almost impossible. Rule no. 1: Don’t sweat over lil stuff and Rule no. 3: Make do with whatever you have.

May Allah smooth this journey of ours, In Sha Allah..Ameen.



3 thoughts on “Mission 12347823640813 accomplished (too many to keep track)

  1. How was your experience dengan ESA wedding gallery? Are they good? And dorang nye baju collections bnyk tak? I’ve alrdy signed up for a post wedding shoot with them.. takut nnt janji lain.. lain yng dpt.. you know how some vendors are so promising during expo events..

    • It was a good experience for me 🙂 And yes, they got a lot of nice baju collection. Just that, if you see the one you like in FB, you screenshot first. Takot nanti on the day of appointment tkde, you can show them the picture instead. It was fun and tiring for me because I completed all in 1 day. Gambar wise is of good quality..but be prepared for hidden charges if you ter-over select no. of photos (coz gambar sume lawa and susah to let go). I think that’s normal la but we weren’t prepared for that.

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