*wedding planning mode off for a while*


1st October marks 3 months (plus plus) to the wedding. Woah, all I can say is Alhamdullilah for getting this far. Yesterday was the first time I had a full discussion on my wedding itinerary (and other updates) with some of my bridesmaids and MOH. It was scary because a lot of things (which I didn’t think was a big deal initially) I couldn’t answer for. It’s hard on me as some of the things A and his groomsmen had the answer to it but not me. In a way, it made me feel pretty useless as I don’t know what’s happening in my wedding 😦 But thinking on the bright side, like MOH said, at least it’s surfaced now and we can take actions right? THINK POSITIVE FARAH.

Work has been testing my patience. And then, there’s exam in Nov. I think I’ll be back in Nov for updating again. Wish me luck (and patience and less stress and clearer vision on what I want and be more decisive and what’s not)!


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