Butt Issue

So i went to try on an evening gown from one of the ex-btb over at tampines.. and as predicted by my MOH/Fiance, it didnt fit me because of my butt 😢😢 She was trying so hard to pull it up and make it fit but it got stuck at the waist area. Meh :/ Big bottom problem. That was my 2nd back upppp! So sayang lorr coz I already envisioned myself wearing that gorgeous dress on my wedding day then tak jadi. I felt bad though coz she was pregnant and yet help me into that dress. Lucky I went to try out first. Kalau the night before baru nak try, mampos menangis la jawabnya.


My bestf aka MOH just went for her BKK trip. So I messaged one of my bridesmaids to prepare her phone in case I sent her the image and need her feedback on the dress. Hence, the conversation above. Hahaha quite funny though. I’m not the type of person who will be mad if people commented I’m fat. In fact, I’ll be quite delighted. Ohwells. 2nd back up cannot be used. Let’s resort to 3rd back up. A did mention that he’s willing to chip in some money if I were to rent it from somewhere… Let’s just wait for it okay!

Anyway, after the longg trip to Tampines (lol. story of westsider), we went back to Bukit Batok to watch late night movie Big Hero 6 🙂 It was a good movie that will put a smile on your face. I want Baymax please!! So cute and huggable. A good way to end the night I guess.

Got to sleep now. Tomorrow we shall paint the room. Hopefully by then we’ve decided to use which color. Hah!

Good nightsss!


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