I’m alive from exams dementors!

So, I’ve been away for quite some time now. And I’m finally back because exams are overrr!


Time to rejoice now coz I’m back to planning a wedding. Omg, sitting for 4 freaking papers for every semester is damn tiring. I wonder how I’ve been doing for the past 3 years. Next semester will be our (me and A) last semester (In Sya Allah). I always have a vision that we will graduate together and take a family photo with our graduation gown 😀 Hopefully it will come true. Anywayyyy, back to the things left pending for wedding preps:

1) Collect the remaining berkats from JB (we’re going to JB this Sat!) (DONE!)

2) Collect our outdoor photoshoot album/frame from JB (we’re going to JB this Sat! can’t wait to see its final product!)

3) Buy A’s groomsmen outfit (we’re going to JB this Sat!)

4) Buy new bedsheet! (We already bought one at EXPO but the color..my parents kinda disapprove it. We might need to buy another new set of bedsheet 😦 Not that other people will come to my room except my family members since the event will be held at CC. Must every katil pengantin be whiteeee? Like how every kasut pengantin so called must be glittery which you only wear it once in your lifetime?!)

5) Buy new wardrobe (probably in Oct gitu can?)

6) Go to JB (in Oct) with his mother and sis to buy bunga pahar thingy? I don’t know…some wedding related stuff  (macam tak jadi gitu?)

*7) Paint and clean my room (will be doing after exam ended!)*

These 2 weekends, we intend to clean and paint my room. Have decided to go for monochrome colors but a green freak like me can’t separate from having the tiniest thought of changing the color to mint green. Ohwells, we haven’t buy the paint yet so..we’ll see how it goes! Our bed will arrive in Dec and I guess I will have to sleep on the floor till my wedding day. Hurhur. Or maybe I can test our bed for a few nights.. :p

We also managed to strike a few other stuff while I was on hiatus here. We finally met up with Hambali to select our outfit (just a rough selection). Our fitting will be in Dec which will also be the final selection. Ohh, and Kak Dyan from Card Maison informed us that our cards are ready for collection. A was quite excited that he came to fetch me right after work to collect the cards. Woots. Thank god it’s at Bukit Panjang! This is how our invitation card looks 🙂


Thank you Kak Dyan! I hope I wasn’t one of your fussy/ngada-ngada customer! I have yet to do up a guest list :/

Now that November will come to an end soon, I reckon we’ll be quite busy in December..mini photoshoot with friends (this one is quite a headache..but let’s hope everything will go smoothly), meeting up with the vendors, DIY berkats..and that’s it? Sounds little right? Belum zoom into each category tu. Lagi banyak branches kene buat :/ Can’t believe it’s 2 months/1 month plus plus to the wedding! I can’t wait to…..


Seriously, planning is very tedious and it’s definitely not my forte 😦 Unless someone plan it for me. But knowing what you want exactly for your wedding is also another headache (it’s either I’m fickle-minded or I’m too ‘sembarang’ type). People demand a lot from you. And not forgetting $$$$$. Ohwells.

Till my deserving break aka MY HONEYMOON!

– Farah


2 thoughts on “I’m alive from exams dementors!

    • I have small top but slightly bigger bottom 🙈🙈 #igotitfrommymama i cannot puase or else nnti makin kurus! Abes nnti kene sembunyi dgn my fiance (coz he’s bigger in size). Lol. All the best to you!😊

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