Bad bad experience.

Hello December! We’re technically a month away from January aka the big day. Praying every day that it will be a smooth one. Of course nothing comes easy..there were some bumps we had to overcome along the way. I can’t say it’s over..but InShaAllah god give us the strength and patience to go through it.

Anyway, I did mention that we were supposed to paint our room last two weeks. It got delayed because my sister “movers” can only take my bedroom set/clear my room yesterday. Along the way, there’s some miscommunication. Timing was set to be at 10am but I wasn’t aware that my dad had changed it to 12pm. So we waited. This so called mover came late at 1pm plus. He came to our house and went to the room. So okay, I told him which item to carry. He was in the hurry. He asked, “So nak angkat katil, gerobok solek and these two side table kan?”. To which I said, “No, got additional of wardrobe, sofa and table outside”. He kept insisting that my sister didn’t mention that. So I told him that my sister said otherwise and I had sent her the pictures of all the items to be carried. He then asked me to call my sister. So I called my sister who was working. At the same time, he was on the phone with his supervisor or what and he was not happy. I passed him the phone where my sister was on the other line. I went out of the room to go to the toilet.

When I came out, suddenly there was a loud noise. He threw his temper by smashing his phone on the floor and stormed out of the house. His other colleagues were confused but asked what were the items to be carried and about to proceed with the wrapping etc. Before they could do anything, the guy called all of them to stop what they were doing and they all went downstairs. Long story cut short, they all went off without saying a thing. WE were confused as well. Like I mean if there’s any additional charge, we can talk/negotiate what. So I told my sister what happened. She called the company and they apologized to her. And here’s the NEWS. They said that the reason the guy didn’t want to do the job was because I TENGKING KAT DIER. Like ape sey?! I keep replaying that scene in my head if there was any point of time that I had tengking him. I couldn’t think of any! Plus I didn’t even exchange that much word with him and my bro in law was beside me when I told the guy what were the items to be carried. I was mad seyy! Da throw tantrums then want to blame it on me. Grrrrr.

In the end, we had to do the moving on our own. Called A’s friend and he came with a lorry. It was super last minute and we were really grateful for his help. Haish. Such a bad experience with these movers! :< Macam da phobia sey with them. Now that the things were cleared, I’m sleeping on the floor with all the boxes of clothes and other things. My room da macam storage sey. This week, we’ll be getting someone to paint the room (my dad upah the bangla who paint hdb houses to paint my room). Heh, A also said he rather pay than do it on his own. Meh. $$$ lagi. Ohwells. I can’t wait for my bedroom set to come and decorate my room.

Oh, this week also we’ll be having a photoshoot with friends. Good luck farah!


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