Hello December!


So yummy right! Anyway, woke up on Sunday morning and this was greeted to me. One of my bridesmaids teased me da kahwin tak jemput. Lol. I guess the name Azmi and Farah is quite common eh? I shared this with A and he said, “It’s meant to be”. Haha. Come to think back, before I come up with our hashtag, there’s a lot of ‘azmifarah’ which has been taken. Sume da kahwin. Which was why we resorted to our initials; A&F 🙂

I don’t know what else to update actually. When people ask me how’s the wedding preparation, I just smiled and said okay. To be frank, at the back of my mind, I’m trying to think if I had missed out anything. It seemed okay what. When in doubt, create a checklist of things to do! Sooo LEO.

1) Collect A’s baju kurung from JB (hopefully if A is available, by this Saturday)

2) Paint bilik (7 Dec)

3) Photoshoot with friends (7 Dec)

4) Fitting with Hambali

5) Can start asking people for address?


7) Appointment with Fluff Bakery

8) Select menu with MJ Catering

9) Appointment with CC in-charge

10) Appointment with Amani

11) Appointment with D’shootz

12) Buy berkat items for both adult and kids (early Jan..)

Macam dah gitu kan? All to be done in 1 month (DEC) can lah eh? Ooooo and we got to revisit our honeymoon itinerary! ____/____ (we’re going 2 cities) here we come! 😀


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