Happy Monday everybody! Alhamdullillah, it has been a fruitful weekend.


We completed a lot of things to do across the border last Saturday 🙂 Went JB with A and my parents as well. The jam was terrible! We went by woodlands checkpoint and had to rempuh the jam for almost 2 hours. Padahal keluar siang sey. Anyway, first thing first, we went to collect A’s baju kurung for dulang. Maybe A lost some weight, it looked slightly big on him. Alah, okay la tu. He can easily gain weight back anyway.

1) Collect A’s baju kurung from JB (hopefully if A is available, by this Saturday) DONE!

Next up was buying of bed sheet and curtains for the room. Actually, I had already bought bed sheet from EXPO a couple of months ago. My parents disapproved of our choice although it looked quite decent to me -.-” Thus, we had to buy another set. I mean I don’t get it since the wedding won’t be near our house and I doubt any of my relatives will come by my house just to see my bilik pengantin. Ohwells, just go with the flow in order to please my parents. After that, we went to tempah our curtain. This time round, my mum offered to sponsor us and boy, was I glad or what. Sooooo expensive for what! Choosing of kain to match can be such a headache sometimes. Ade 3 layer lagi -.-” That day was full of ‘GREEN’ sampai mata pon boleh sakit (hello, green lover here). Everywhere we see, mesti ade hijau. Anyway, bottomline is…my room will be full of green. Sorry A! This was us while waiting for dad to shop for his shoes -.-



It was quite a busy day for us. We had pre-wed photoshoot with friends and someone coming over to my house to paint the room. Planning of that photoshoot was…tedious (I’m not sure if that’s the right word?). Let’s just say guys and girls have different way of planning. We were quite fed up that we almost cancelled it. In the end, we told A’s friend (photographer) what we want and basically leave it him.

Our location was at Ngee Ann Poly because..that’s where me and A met for the first time. Oh we got to know each other through Friendster (zaman gemilang oi!). It definitely brought back memories. The theme/concept was BLACK and WHITE. We took some superheroes shot 😀 YAYNESS! Will share where/how we got the shirt without splurging once we got hold of the pictures! It was definitely fun (although I was mostly awkward during me and A’s alone shot since our friends were watching us posing). Thank god we had the photoshoot before the heavy rain in the afternoon. My bridesmaids couldn’t stop taking pictures whenever it was not their turn to shoot. The weather was panas terik and thank god I asked them to bring along their shades (it was part of the concept). My favourite photo with them girls ♥♥♥



Thank you girls for making time for this photoshoot. I doubt we’ll be taking anymore pre wed photoshoot. Lol. I’m sorry if I went any BRIDEZILLA moment with either one of you. I had my reasons okay! They are definitely not your typical bridesmaids. I think I read blogs too much that I expect my bridesmaids to be like them. Whenever I asked them to do something for me, they said cannot (just to annoy me at times) but eventually they did it for me. They pressured me for answers/details (how’s my wedding itinerary going, berkat diy day etc) but it’s just them trying to get me to be decisive and know what I actually want for my wedding (I’m actually sembarang influenced by A!). Will hold back my thanks till my wedding day okay!

A’s friend had sent this picture as a sneak peek. Cepat pe! Now I’m excited for the end product! Hopefully all will turn out great. Thank you Fifi (A’s friend) and BAMPICAS (@bampicas) for your time and dedication throughout the shoot. They were really patient in directing us with the poses, finding a nice location to shoot, even to the extent of providing the group with mineral water bottles to drink during the hot weather. They were doing the photoshoot out of passion but they definitely gave their all/best in this like every other paid professionals. Thank you once again! Photo credit: @bampicas


2) Paint bilik (7 Dec) DONE!

3) Photoshoot with friends (7 Dec) DONE!

4) Fitting with Hambali is next to look forward to.


Can you believe we are 48 days away from the big day???


3 thoughts on “Progression.

  1. Salam dear..firstly hello fellow NP alumni 🙂 the sch looks so diff nw…so mod..congrats on ur upcoming wedding. 🙂 hop u dnt mind me askin bt where did u get ur bedsheets? M on the hunt for mine as well 🙂

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