Kasut Pengantin.

Finally it’s Friday! I can’t wait for the weekends because my wardrobe and bed will be delivered! Finally a place to put all my clothes. Currently, I’m sleeping among the boxes, black plastics and what’s not -.- I shall vow to continue sleeping on the floor instead of the bed in order to be fair to A…or maybe not. Haha. Anyway, slowly we can decorate the room once everything is in place 🙂

Yesterday, I went out with my MOH in search of my wedding shoes. I had put that last on my list because I’m not a shoe person. The only reason why I went to buy it early was because my pak andam asked me to bring it along during our fitting next week. I don’t really own a lot of shoes. The only heels I have, I used it for jalan raya. I wear the same pair of shoes/sandal to work (life of a btb who’s trying to save up). Like the bedsheet issue, I guess we can’t deviate ourselves from having that stereotype that kasut pengantin must be all glittery/shiny/gold which people only wear once (on the wedding day itself). While waiting for my MOH to finish her work (waited for 2 hours!), I did my own search..

First of all, I went to C.harles & K.eith. The first shoe that attract my eye was a glittery gold one. It’s nice but you can slightly see your toe lining. I’m usually a 38/39. I asked the salesperson for 38, cannot fit. Asked for 39, also cannot fit. And I gave up just like that. Like paisey if I were to keep asking for it (Yes, I’m bad at shopping alone). So I moved on. I went to the place where you can find most wedding shoes; A.nna N.ucci. Somehow I was not attracted to their designs. It’s…not me I guess? Maybe it’s the design/color(white) I had chosen, it made me self-conscious that my feet looked darker than normal =.= Plus, it’s quite expensive :s Then I moved on to H.eatwave, P.retty.fit, P.edro, A.ldo, P.azzion and so on. I really didn’t want to spend so much on a shoe that I will be wearing once. Almost gave up on the search when I decided to try again at C.harles & K.eith. This time, I asked for a size 40 for that glittery gold shoe and it fits nicely. SEE LAH. KALAU SIANG-SIANG ASK FOR SIZE 40 AND DA SUKE KAN SENANG. Ohwells. I really liked it and tak payah beli kasut raya next year! Yay! 😀

Went home, showed mum the shoe and she said it’s nice. Macam cinderella #ponboleh HAHAHA. Alhamdullilah..let’s hope that it matches with every outfit I wear 🙂



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