Cafe Hopping: The Lab SG

Time to Eat




Jalan Pisang is fast becoming the street where you can go to be guaranteed a gastronomical adventure. Regardless of whether it’s Padang food you want from Hajjah Maimunah, phở from Pho 4 All or even just the need to satisfy the sweet tooth in you with Fluff Bakery’s baked goods, there’s so many different choices for you to choose from.



Joining these eateries is The Lab, a newly opened Muslim-owned cafe. I first visited The Lab with a friend of mine on a weekday afternoon and again that same week on a Friday because my usual foodie buddies, Kit and my cousin, Yasmeen, were intrigued by the photographs I had sent them and wanted to see this place for themselves. After I introduced Kit to The Lab, she eventually went back with some of her ex-colleagues to try out more dishes too.




As with many new cafes, cafe owner Ijah shared…

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