1 month mark.

This week has been quite interesting because we finally had appointments with our vendors and cleared most of our things to do 🙂 (i think im getting obsessed with striking off the list of things to do. lol). First up was choosing our wedding outfit/fitting with Hambali. I was more happy and satisfied with the recent visit because…they’ve made new outfits! Alhamdullilah! He’s really a nice, down to earth kinda guy and not arrogant definitely. Next, we’ll wait for the final fitting which will be a week before the big day (actually more like 5 days before).


My MOH doing what she do best…lepak one corner and buat macam rumah sendiri.

4) Fitting with Hambali (DONE!)

5) Can start asking people for address? (DONE! – Asked already. Waiting for the right time to send it via post)


Took AM leave for interview at ROMM on Friday. Read ex-BTBs’ blog on their experience for the interview and knew what to expect. It’s quite simple actually.

Things to bring:

a) Groom’s, Bride’s and Wali’s IC

b) Marriage course cert (if you’ve attended)

That’s all. No need to bring birth cert la. My mum insisted to bring along one. So layankan je. Most of them said to come early to avoid the long queue. We reached there at 8.45am, took queue number from the reception and tadaaa~we were next in line. SUPER FAST LOR. Tak sampai 5 minute tunggu; maybe because it was raining that day, hence, less crowd.


Our number was called next. The lady asked us to check if our details were correct or not and briefed us that in a minute, the naib kadi will call our number again to interview the wali (my dad). While my dad was in the room, apparently it seemed quite long, my mum started asking me a lot of questions:

Nanti kadi tanye ape ar? Dulu time mama kahwin, kadi tanye rukun islam ade brape, kite ikot imam sape, bace doa qunut etc. Then kawan mama that time tak tau jawab sume questions… *bla bla bla*

Woah, thanks eh mum! Buat orang panic kejap. I can’t believe I was trying to answer all those possible questions in my mind (despite me knowing it won’t be tested  -___-) Anyway, we (me and A) were called in together (yay!) after my dad was done with the interview. The naib kadi who interviewed us was Ustaz Ismail Terimoh 🙂 He definitely made us feel at ease (tak tau kenape tertibe rase gabrah macam buat salah gitu hahaha). Same questioned asked:

a) Check if details are correct

b) Asked if we’ve been married before

c) He asked A if he had attended any religious class before

d) Asked if we got any questions for him

e) Angkat sumpah (declaration that all information we’ve provided are true)

That’s all! Alhamdullilah 🙂 Da boleh kahwin.. A mandatory shot of celebration:



My mum pon nak jugak..tapi mata tutup darhh -.- #smalleyesproblem Anyway, misai A da same with my dad’s misai eh -____- I cannot.

The whole thing took about 30 minutes (or less). We headed for brunch (at 9.30am eh!) at Sabar Menanti. Fuuhh, that sup ekor was perfect for wet weather *.* Okay, my stomach just growled as I’m typing this down…


7) Appointment with CC in-charge & Appointment with Amani (DONE!)

We decided to have both present at the same time since Amani will come down to the venue itself. Before this, I was stressed out on the amount we had to fork out for the venue itself. After much analyzing and discussion, we decided to let go of the MPH (aircon) because they don’t allow any nailing to be done/staplers on the stage and too many negative points. We were quite sad that we had to let it go but in return (positive point), we would save a lot and that money can be used for other purposes. We opted for the basketball court je. It’s not bad la actually coz there are fans all over with 3 big propeller fans. *praying hard that A won’t be sweating so much* We already paid for it and there’s no turning back… moving on!

On Saturday, we attended to a beautiful wedding of my pri sch best friend at Yew Tee CC. As it is, I was trying to get over our CC issue.. 😦 It’s okay farah. Emo aside. I couldn’t take picture of the whole decor thing because I paisey la ramai orang. These were the best I could get. The moment I saw the whole deco, I knew it was done by J.E.N.T.A.Y.U. It’s simple yet classy. Didn’t have enough time to take picture with the pengantin. Have a blissful marriage Aisyah & Faizal :))


C360_2014-12-20-14-55-58-647 (1)


Pak misai finally gonna shave end of this week (no more delay pls!)

8) Appointment with Fluff Bakery (POSTPONED to 25 Dec & Appointment with MJ Catering on the same day)

Right after jemputan, we were supposed to meet up with Fluff Bakery. Otw there, Syaira messaged that they couldn’t make it due to some emergencies she had to attend to. So, kite pusing balik and went back home.

We are down to a month exactly (soon). It’s a lie if I said that everything went smoothly as I visioned it to be. To be frank, I cannot stop thinking/stressing out about our wedding. To the extent of having nightmares (wedding jitters?). Talked about this to my bridesmaids and they gave me 2 best advices:

1) Trust your vendors

2) Relax and enjoy the last few moments (this will be hard..but it’s true what she said, “Relax..” The simplest thing to do, yet the hardest to do at this point of time. I should be taking a breather, stop sweating over small stuff, pampering myself etc. Be happy and just keep smiling if things don’t go your way. Mungkin ade hikmah yer disebalik ni semua.).

Can you believe 2014 is coming to an end soon in 9 more days? 1 whole year just passed by just like that huh. I still cannot believe I will be a married person/someone’s wife next month. Am I ready for it when I’m still lacking in a lot of areas? Reflection time people.


4 thoughts on “1 month mark.

    • Hi there! I’ve read some blogs and they got call ROMM to enquire on this. They said it’s not compulsory but it is advisable though. As for me, during the interview, the ustaz checked with us if we have any marriage course cert and he mentioned that during nikah no need to bring it along. However, when we called our tok kadi to confirm again, he asked us to bring along the cert -.-

      Anyway, it’s best if you hear it from them (ROMM) to confirm 🙂 Hope this help!

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