Wedding cake and catering – DONE!

To be frank, I don’t feel like updating. Maybe because as we are nearing to the date, I have a lot of things to think about (I can so relate to Ili’s entry on ‘Bercelaru Bride’). Yes, we all can’t escape from checklist can we? I need it just in case I missed out anything minor/crucial! (I keep having bad dream that I miss out certain things for my wedding! Oh the nightmare!)

Anyway, let’s continue with our strike-off lists:

7) Appointment with Fluff Bakery & Select menu with MJ Catering (DONE!)

We took the opportunity of public holiday; Christmas Day, to meet up with vendors. Our appointment with F.luff was at 12pm. Once we reached there, it was a long queue (as expected). We were kinda wandering around not knowing what to do. So I called Syaira to inform her that we’ve reached. She was on her way, thus, she asked us to go in and her staff will direct us. Woah, walking in f.luff bakery while people were queuing feels #likeaboss. Lol. True enough, her staff were very kind and helpful, made us feel comfortable in the kitchen. First time being in the kitchen and it smells like heaven! Soon later, the store were busy with the opening and Syaira came by to discuss on our wedding cake.

Before this, we didn’t have any concern over “melting cake” because it was planned to be held in an aircon environment..but since we changed our venue, we were quite concern about it. Sure enough Syaira came up with other alternatives; a naked cake or meringue-coated cake in order to prevent it from melting. We chose the latter one 🙂 Flavours were decided with ease..and we are done! Looking forward to the cake cutting part ♥♥ (many people are already queuing for it, heh. InsyaAllah kalau cukup, semua dapat la ye..that is after we ketepikan half of it for ourselves. lol.) Right after the discussion, I told A to go queue so we can buy cupcakes. We didn’t want to be rude and just cut in. She overheard this and told us she can just take it for us. As such, we were quite flustered because we haven’t really think of what to buy (ingatkan biler queue boleh pikir skali) so ended up we just bought Red Velvet with Nutella and Triple Milo aje. Lol. Okay lah. Takkan nak beli 2-3 kotak when we didn’t even queue for it. So settle the kettle!

Later that night, we went to the caterer’s house to decide on the menu. Nothing much to update on that…but I can definitely strike off my list as DONE! 😀

8) Buy berkat items for both adult and kids (early Jan..) (SOMEWHAT SETTLE. lol)

Dad has bought the berkat for adult..and we have started filling the jars one by one on Sunday *shocked face*. I thought it was too early when I realized that 1st Jan will be on this Thursday! OMG FARAH!! Wake up and get your dates right! As for the kids’ berkat, A’s neighbour actually wants to sponsor for it. Alhamdullilah. Hopefully all will go as plan, InsyaAllah 🙂

9) Appointment with D’shootz (PENDING)

This is still pending as I’ve yet to hear from them. Chill farah, don’t panic. I have sent my itinerary to them and she said that she will give me a call to fix the date..If by Friday, still no word from her, I shall give her a call then.

Darn, this entry is getting too wordy. Shall update in the next entry with a few pictures okay! I got my first bridal gift! Excited sey as I totally didn’t expect it >.< 2 more days till the new year! I felt the days are getting by faster than normal. A good thing or no? We shall see… Hoping and praying for the best, InsyaAllah…


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