Bachelorette’s Party

Being home alone, doing nothing is heavenly gooood. So that’s why i decided to write this post today instead the usual Monday post (if you had noticed, i always post almost every monday). Lol. Anyway, i finally had my bachelorette party yesterday..😅😅 Here’s how it happened..

Me and my girls have a yearly gifts exchange for fun. The only time we were all free was yesterday. Hence, the meet up. Usually we have to buy 1 gift for 1 person only..but they had changed it to buying 1 gift for all members. No complain.

The plan was to meet up at Nabins. I didnt know why i didnt even bother to dress up (have been feeling lethargic since it was the 1st day of school). I was in my shirt and jeans (no make up at all!) and off i went to meet them. Even bought the presents last min 😐

When I reached there, my MOH surprised me by putting a sash on me. Not only handphone was confiscated by them! I was worried since I couldn’t tell A about it (it was later taken care by them). And so the party began…


Pardon the masai face throughout! Loving the huge ring balloon saying ‘I DO’!


My velvet cupcakes 😀

Did i mention that I was tricked into thinking that this meet-up was supposed to be belated christmas gift exchange? Turns out I was the only one who bought the gifts for them -.- Okay lah, in exchange of them planning this party for me kan. We had nice food, played some games (how well you know the bride) and entertained by a belly dancer. And what’s a party without a dare kan. I had to dance with the belly dancer and slip a note in her bra strap -.-” It was all recorded and uploaded in facebook *hides face* The ‘party’ was a fun and decent (thank god!!) one!



Pictures are bit dark due to the lighting though. Excuse the expression. Lol.



Thank you guys for organizing this intimate, small and fun party. I had fun..but my only regret was not dressing up 😦 I felt like Fiza during her bachelorette’s party last year -.-”


This has got to be my favourite 🙂 They listed down on the post-it the most memorable memories they had with me <3<3 It’s a rare thing when people appreciate you. Or maybe I’m just easy to please.

Hopefully, all will go smoothly..InShaAllah. I’m getting the jitters as the days are nearing.

Till then,

Your masai bride.


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