Wedding Story Part 1

Whaddup mate? (Chey, mentang-mentang baru balik dari honeymoon) It has been a crazy day since we came back from honeymoon. Obviously work has been piling up from our 2 weeks leave. Not forgetting our deadlines for assignment. I have classes on both Thurs and Fri whereas A will be having a full day school on both weekends -.-” (terpaksa la I tangguh my date ngn Mr Grey since A is not available for the movie :() Anyway, I’m here to update about my wedding (part 1)! Hope I still remember it well..

Let’s start with henna night. My girls accompanied me to SyraSkins’ place which was located near Joo Chiat Complex (further down). My appointment was at 6pm. Apparently I was the only BTB 🙂 Love it when it’s not crowded because we got the huge place to ourselves! They were playing movies and my girls had chosen the movie ‘Hangover’ (how apt). Kecohh! It was damn funny although it was not our first time watching it. Syra and her sister were both doing my henna (main henna artist was Syra). They did my feet first followed by the hand. They allowed the henna to dry first before wrapping it carefully so I can go back home. Long story cut short, the whole thing took me around 3 hours at the venue itself. Coz if I’m not mistaken, by 9 plus gitu I was making my way back home. MOH’s boyf came to fetch us. Thank you eir! This was the outcome of my henna! Totally loving it but nak pakai till the next morning tu punya la meranaaa..


On Saturday, my neighbour and aunts came over to do bunga rampai. I DIY-ed my own tempat bunga rampai way beforehand. inspiration from here and there. My mum also cook some food to serve those people who came on that day to help. So thankful to those who helped. Alhamdulillah. My deco set up was on Sat from 2pm onwards. I was refrained from going out 😦 I thought my mum was not the old-fashioned one..but they (mum together with my aunts) warned me against from going out of the house. Meh :/ Do you know how stressful it was?!

I was stuck at home the whole day, not able to do anything (yes, they refrained me from doing anything!). So later that night, my whole family decided to go to the Jurong Green CC (I live in Bukit Batok btw) to check out my deco and left me home alone. I was fine with it but then my sister kept stressing me up with the arrangement of tables, asking me to add on more tables, deco etc. I couldn’t do much coz I’m not there physically to see if there’s a need to. It’s very annoying! Glad I didn’t proceed on with their suggestions as advised by my bridesmaids. Grrr~

The caterer even cooked beef steak for my family who came down to the site (it was not requested as our day was strictly on Sunday only). Very grateful to the caterer (more on that later!)

A was there almost the whole Saturday to ensure everything went smoothly to the extent of him getting sick the night before 😦 A, together with our groomsmen and bridesmaids, ensured all were set and ready to go. Alhamdulillah and ever thankful for their help. The sweetest thing was when my bridesmaids came over to my house at 9 plus and brought along the beef steak. Yummy! They did help to calm me down and give me words of advice..(basically to just ignore what my sisters said) They stayed on till 11pm. You know what happened the whole night? It was the longest night ever! I could hardly close my eyes to sleep as I was kinda nervous and realized that this was a turning point in my life (lambat eh effect kick in). All I did was prayed so that everything went smoothly. Alhamdulillah, it sure did 🙂


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