Vendors’ Review Part I

Ever since I got married, I’ve become lazy..lazy to update this blog of mine. Lol. How’s married life so far? Life-changing. Slowly turning into a better muslimah with A’s guidance (In Sya Allah). Changing my lifestyle. I was never a morning person but this husband of mine always wake up in the wee morning (5am onwards even on weekends!), in need of breakfast. How like that? Sayang punya pasal, bangun pagi untuk siapkan breakfast. And the list goes on. It’s blissful to wake up next to the person you love (‘cept for the snoring part zZz).

Anyway, I won’t be updating precisely what happened during my wedding but I will be doing a summary review of each vendor. Like I’ve mentioned earlier, Alhamdulillah everything went smoothly on that day. We were ahead and had ample of time for phototaking/performance etc. Nak katekan, we can still lepak kat atas pelamin berbual with each other  just to wait for time to pass. Here we go!

1) Decor- A.mani Wedding Services

We were thankful with the simple yet beautiful decor being set up. I left this liaising under A’s care. They were definitely easy to liaise with and were efficient in answering our queries most of the time. That last minute changes on venue was indeed a blessing in disguise. We intended to do in the hall (aircon) but were forced to take the indoor basketball court (just beside it) instead because they cannot nail the wall to set up the kain decorations. On that day, it was windy (thanks to the CC gigantic fan) despite the heat. I don’t remember A sweating at all! He easily sweats you see. I just hope that they will update on their color scheme in time to come. Other than that, thumbs up! 😀 Thank you A.mani!

2) Bridal – H.ambali The Wedding Regalia

We booked H.ambali together with A.mani. It was supposed to come with photography but we changed that way back. Heh. He’s such a humble guy and I had fun with him together with company. They made jokes endlessly (melatar tak stop) and I think they even had fun during the wedding. Can still karaoke, eat and lepak one corner. It’s a good thing because I would want them to feel as comfortable as my guests. I’ve read some mak andams don’t even have time to eat/drink. Tsk tsk. I’m so lucky that new clothes were made just before my wedding 🙂 Rezeki. And that gown won him an award pulak tu! I still went ahead with it even though my MOH did not agree with my choice. I was surprised and relieved after I was informed that I do not need to top up any cash for the new clothes. Some company requires you to top up $$ for their exclusive range. I’m glad H.ambali did not charge us extra. You can really see he’s passionate in doing what he loves most. I wish him the best and may he succeed in this field of business. Thank you H.ambali for your services! 😀

3) Catering – MJ Catering

When we learnt that a family-friend caterer could not cook for my wedding due to mixed-up of dates, I was disappointed. What’s worse when there were a few bad news on couples who got cheated by caterer/decor company. I was a bit skeptical and wanted to go for the ‘big names’ company just to be save. Thank god for my mum’s strong wireless connections. Lol! She got to know MJ Catering from a friend of hers during her class at masjid. We called him up and he invited us for a food tasting during one of weddings which he cooked for. I think it’s best if you had food tasting during jemputan instead of the private kind because I believe their cooking will be different due to no. of pax. Cooking for 10 pax is definitely different than cooking for 1000 pax right? Anyway, we fell in love with their dishes and immediately booked him as our caterer.

To cut long story short, we received a lot of compliments on how delicious the food were and some of my friends/family were asking us to pass their contact. They are not known in social media world but through word of mouth. Don’t try to google MJ Catering coz it’s totally a different person (yeah, we’ve tried it also). I’m very grateful to know Ustaz Yunos (the caterer). He will advise us accordingly, saying that we should not be reluctant to tell him the accurate no. of pax. He mentioned that most people are reluctant to say so as to avoid additional charges. As a result, he would not prepare enough ingredients and there will be shortage of food. Yang penting, majlis tu sempurna. I’m sure he wants to give the best for the guests. The thing is he don’t count by per pax. He will ask for your budget and no. of pax and then, he will work out the cost. The cost will mostly be based on money spend for buying of ingredients. We did exceeded the no. of pax (unfortunately) and were prepared to top up extra $$ to cover the cost. To our surprise, he only ask for a few hundreds ($2xx) for the ingredients only when we were prepared to pay more than that. Alhamdulillah. Jasa dia tak terbalas. Moga tuhan murahi rezeki dia. Amin. thank you MJ Catering! We were definitely satisfied with their service on that day 🙂

4) Photography & Videography – D’S.hootz

What can I say? Even my family members love their energy when they were being interviewed. I was so fortunately to get Fudge as my videographer 🙂 I only got to know who my photographer and videographer were 1 week before the wedding. It was definitely fun and laid back moments. I hope our video will turn out good..coz I am awkward in front of camera. Fudge, together with the andam team, were kecohrable. We haven’t receive the photos or the videos yet. Will update again on the outcome 🙂 On-site service? Gerek!

5) Entertainment – S.ri Gemilang

My dad made it clear that he wants orchestra/band instead of DJ for my wedding. I couldn’t agree more..ape lagi when he said he will pay for it. Lol. I booked them 2 years before my wedding. Boy, was I glad! Heard that these kind of orchestra/band were easily fully booked. I liaised with Shah and he was pretty laid-back; telling me not to worry and assuring me that he will know what to do. Sorry, I’m a bit control freak. Thank you for being patient with me.

left my girls to liaise with them on that day and everything went smoothly as planned. I love the songs being sang/played by them. They had a mini jam towards to end, which was awesome laaa! I totally enjoyed it and I’m sure the guests did as well 🙂 So thank you for entertaining us! 🙂

I shall stop here and will continue in the next entry (not sure when..). Anyway, it has been a month since we got married! Happy 1 monthsary! How time flies.. Too wordy right my entry? Come I selit some of the photos from my phone (my bridesmaid took the initiative to capture every moments in my phone. lol. thank you for taking up a lot of my space eh.)




More pictures soon…Till then, happy planning/saving for wedding!


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