Vendors’ Review Part II

So I’m back again! Hoping to finish the review by the end of this post so that I can move on to our honeymoon entry..hehe.


6) Wedding Invitation Card – Card M.aison

Front design-2

As you would have known, my wedding invitation cards were designed by Kak Dyan, boss of Card M.aison. Kak Dyan was very patient with me (what’s more she was pregnant that time)  coz I kept changing the designs and there was a minor mistake on the card that I had missed out after finalizing with her. Sorry! Her package consisted of the cards and the A3 directional posters. I love the pastel green font color *.* Anyway, thank you Kak Dyan!

7) Gubahan Services – E.lly Weddings


I decided to hire them for gubahan services because..tak dapat suruh dorang buat wedding decor, buat gubahan pon jadi lah kan! Hahaha! Anyway, I love love their dais deco set up. Ohwells, da kahwin pon kan! We weren’t so fussy on the gubahan decorations – just simple, nice and clean. Of course I picked the color green while A picked royal blue. Though there was a minor mistake..their tags had a different date on it. It was supposed to be 25.01.2015 but it stated 21.01.2015. Of course I panic..but all is well. They came down a day before my wedding to pass the tags. We got extra tags which came in handy as we stuck it on our luggage! Haha. It was definitely a pleasure dealing with Lisa 🙂

8) Kompang and Dikir Barat – M.akyong K.edek

Well, since the beginning I know for sure that I want them to perform for my wedding. Simply because my bro in-law is part of the group. Lol. (No, it’s not A who’s in Dikir Barat. As for me, I had a short stint in dikir barat while in poly..) Anyway (back to the story), thank you to my sis and bro in-law for sponsoring half of the amount (better than nothing kan!). When my bro in-law kept tagging me in the videos they had performed, I fell in love with S.aiful’s voice. Hence, the special request for him to be available during my wedding was made. Thank you Abg Wan! No regrets in paying extra for him. I’m sure people were mesmerized by his voice as much as I was. I was blown off by their performance and had fun watching them. Of course, we cannot escape from being teased by the tukang karut. He’s funny lah. You can watch the video below! It’s quite long though.

Credits to my bro in-law (Abg Wan) for the photos and videos compilation. Video taken from their youtube page. Thank you M.akyong K.edek!

p.s Please pardon that ‘All of Me’ cheesy song. Lol. You are advised to skip straight to the dikir barat part 🙂

9) Photobooth / Guestbook – S.nap A P.icture

C360_2015-03-04-20-36-17-694 C360_2015-03-04-20-37-57-648 C360_2015-03-04-20-38-24-117 Screenshot_2015-03-04-20-31-53

It was definitely easy to liaise with the in-charge. Sorry I forgot what’s her name..but she was fun and comfortable to talk to over at whatsapp 🙂 They were totally accommodating to what I really want. I opted for wishing cards instead of guestbook. We read it a day after the wedding and were laughing real hard while reading off the cards written by our friends and families. It was such a shame that we missed the photobooth 😦 Ohwells, at least our friends/families had fun! Thank you S.napAP.icture! 😀

10) Wedding Cake – F.luff Bakery

Managed to take a photo with Mrs Fluff (Syaira)! Yay! No surprise that the cake were gone within 5 minutes 😦 We cut the cake, tasted it and that’s it. My bridesmaids did set aside and pack for us in 4 different plastic..but we were so tired that we forgot to eat it 😥 Next day, A was unwell and a few days later we flew off for our honeymoon already. Goodbye wedding cake! But Alhamdulillah, many people enjoyed it. Ohwells..yang penting it’s not gone to waste. Sape-sape kahwin order fluff bakery’s cake sila jemput saya okay! Haha!

20150125_110254  20150125_110322 (2)

Yummy cake!

11) Bridal Bouquet – C.herrie S.mitten


They messaged a day/2 days before saying that the color teal which I wanted was not in season/available. Sorry vague memory there. At that moment, I kept getting bad news with regards to the preparations. They suggested purplish blue in replacement. To be frank, I hated that color! I told myself to keep it cool, trust them and leave it up to the professionals. I’m glad I did. Imagine when I received the bouquet, I was actually jumping for joy coz it was so pretty XD And what coincidence that it actually match well with my baju sanding. Thank god that teal was not available. So thank you C.herries.mitten for the lovely bouquet!

I guess in summary, most of the times, things do not exactly go as planned. As for mine, I think nearer to the date, things kinda messed up (not according to how I originally had planned it) that I learn to let it go and went with the flow. Don’t panic..just look at it as opportunities to have something adventurous/new. Kita merancang, tuhan yang menentukan. I guess it’s true. Regardless, everything went well. God’s plan is always the best 🙂

Yay! Da abes!


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