#afhoneymoon : Gold Coast (Part I)

Let’s hope my memory don’t fail on me. Continuation from our honeymoon part 1, we flew off to Goldcoast on the 3rd/4th Feb. It was a 2hr (or less) flight via Virgin. The moment we touched down, the weather were quite cloudy. I think I have a phobia of bad weather during holidays. Hence, I always get affected if it starts to rain 😦


Kite amek selfie dulu while waiting for the flight. Muke A ada senyummmm~lol. He rarely smiles anyway.

So back to the story. Once we touched down, A called the car rental company as they will be picking us up from the airport to their place to take their car. It was from Apex Car Rental. The trip to their place was less than 5 minutes away. Very convenient. As usual, A did the booking for this. We booked the car throughout our stay at Goldcoast and it was awesome! I would strongly recommend for those going GC to drive 🙂 Came with free GPS which helped us a lot in the navigation. Took hyundai I20 since it was just the two of us. And off we went to our apartment; Meriton Serviced Apartment – Southport. In Gold Coast, kita feeling kaya kejap. Rumah da macam condo, ade kreta, go groceries shopping everyday..hahaha

C360_2015-02-03-14-27-24-815 C360_2015-02-03-15-19-16-658 C360_2015-02-03-16-57-02-485  C360_2015-02-03-17-18-08-710

C360_2015-02-03-19-01-25-739 C360_2015-02-03-19-01-36-581 C360_2015-02-03-19-01-51-227

I love their apartment! So nice and cozy. Everything also have! They have washing machine, the kitchen appliances, balcony, pool, oh..their tv channels are all gerek2 one. We get to watch movies at night 🙂

The next day, we started our theme parks adventure. We bought the VIP Magic pass which consist of Movie World, Sea World and Wet n Wild for 99.99AUD. If buy separately, it’s 79AUD each. Tell me if it’s worth it or not?! Oh, and we bought it like 6 months before. Heh. First up was Movie World.


This was what greeted us at the FREE open space carpark. Wait, actually, carpark (everywhere we had gone to) was FREE. To the extent, A wanted to migrate here -.- Anyway, too bad this Green Lantern’s ride was closed.


They created a pass for us so we did not need to queue again for our next theme park visit. Hello Movie World!SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC

When we arrived, the place was just opened. So we decided to get on this Batwing ride since it was near the entrance. And boy, it set the standard quite high. You know the kind where it went up really high, then sudden drop and rise again continuously? I’m usually up for these adrenaline rush but I think this ride weaken my heart strength a bit. Regardless, we truly enjoyed it! Fuuh. Ni belum pegi Six Flags lagi. U.S.S is nothing compared to these rides.


Our next ride was Superman – ESCAPE. I love roller coaster. That has got to be tallest/scary one I’ve ever ride. Because the ride was supposingly Superman flying and pushed the roller coaster from behind in order to save us, after the ride ended, we were cursing the Superman for the push. Now, just enjoy the pictures.SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC

“Hai mambang tanah, mambang air, mambang mambo..”SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC The outcome of the ride -> Both basah giler! Syiok man. The weather was scorching hot so the water splashing was heavenly good.  SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC

The right picture of A was cool. His shadow looked as if he was sitting in mid-air!SAMSUNG CSC

We went off at 4plus pm? Almost 6 hours at the theme park every day. Macam mane tak gelap! Just when we thought this was the best/scariest theme park we ever visited..wait till we went Dreamworld! Anyhoos, came back to our apartment to cook. Cooking is fun (finally own space in kitchen!) but the cleaning up was not. So yeah, that was how our Day 2 went. I told A to give the heart a break from all those rides and hence, we went to Sea World the next day.


18 thoughts on “#afhoneymoon : Gold Coast (Part I)

  1. hi dear, for car rental is from which company? They fetch you from the airport to your apartment and then going back you have to send it to them or they take from you at the airport?

  2. Hi babe, the car rental is from Apex 🙂 They will fetch you from the airport to their place to take the car. Once you get your car, you drive to your apartment. For going back time, you will need to send the car first. Then they will send you to the airport via their van. Very convenient coz it’s like less than 5 mins away from airport.

  3. yg meriton serviced apartment kt broadbeach, u have any reviews comparing to the one u stay? further away frm everything ke? i tahu abit more pricey. but the broadbeach itself actually alot of things to do kan?

    for movie world, dream world, and sea world pass, if buy at the hotel itself do u think its cheaper?

    • Hi babe. I don’t know much about Broadbeach yer but I know most of my friends stayed there instead of Southport. If I’m not wrong, reason why we choose Southport was because yg Broadbeach yer full tak salah. Sorry, can’t remember much. What I can tell you for the Southport yer, it’s quite convenient coz the shopping centre (Woolworths) where we get our groceries are all nearby. Like 5 mins or less than that yer drive. We rented a car, so we didn’t really calculate if the distance was short or anything but almost everything was easy access with the help of GPS in the car 🙂

      For the theme parks, I don’t remember the hotel offering to buy for us since we already pre-booked it online. But I suggest you to buy online cz 1) the ticket queue there was long early in the morning 2) cheaper online deals that comes with package.

      Hope this helps!

  4. hi farah! sorry i dropped by again to ask some queries, hehe. for the car u park kt the apartment is free ke kene byr? and then kalau park kt shopping centres, movie world etc, also free or paid? expensive tk?

      • Ehh sorry salah info. I just asked my husband and he said that the carpark kat apartment was about aud7-10 per night gitu. Yang lain tu sume free btol. Heh sorry, he’s the one doing the payment so i a bit clueless.

      • hi babe! sorry for the forever nuisance queries. for the car rental by apex kan? it states that kalau tkde credit card kene byr security bond of $3k aud. it says blh byr by debit card. tpi on the day kene produce credit card n driving license. if tkde credit card kene byr $3k security bond, mcm deposit gitu. do u need to pay that? or u use yr debit card aje that time?

    • For the car rental, my husb paid by debit card. Tkde pape pon psl security bond. On the day itself, just show the card, print out and driving license. For apartment, he paid full amount before the trip. He just show his card for verification bler nk check in. Tu je.

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