#afhoneymoon: Gold Coast (Part II)

I forgot to mention this in my previous entry. The souvenirs sold at Movie World theme park was quite cheap! We went crazy for the superheroes stuff. I regretted not buying the flash cover for ipad mini 😦 Wanted to buy the superhero onesie for 20AUD but no size 😦 I’m too small for it. Anyhoos moving on..

Next day, we went to Sea World. Like I’ve said, konon yer nak take a break jap. We brought along my sis camera for honeymoon and it was spoilt within 10 minutes the moment we entered the place. Because the camera was hung around my dear husband’s neck. He actually bent down to touch this black manta ray.. Together with the camera. -.-” We made the mistake of switching on the camera after so called drying the camera (which took us a few minutes). By right, what I read from google, you cannot switch it on. Have to put it in a bowl of rice grains (uncooked of course!) so that it will absorb the water. I was mad angry at A but da terjadi, nak buat ape kan. So from then onwards, we had to take picture with our camera phones #bedalajelah.

Amazed by the underwater world (padahal sea aquarium kat sg tk pena pegi). Really wish I could swim and not geli by the fish (tried snorkeling by failed 😦 ). I took a lot of videos, feeling excited sendiri but shall keep it for my memories.



We went to watch dolphin show (such intelligent creature it is), seal show (so cute and funny!), spongebob show (this one was okay la..just trying to kill time) and the awesome water show (sorry forgot the name) by abang-abang hot kat sane *.*

20150205_114247C360_2015-02-05-10-19-37-35620150205_123152     20150205_123551 C360_2015-02-05-10-46-55-998 20150205_133556

We finished the whole tour by 2 pm. Very early! We decided to drop by Harbour Town. This place is a must to go. A lot of branded stuff going off at quite a cheap price (seriously, is it cheap or we step feeling kaya ni because sume kite swipe je. lol). A went crazy with Hurley collection. What I can say was there’s a lot of surfers’ brand. Got dickies bag for 10aud je..and many other stuff lah!

20150204_155614 20150204_154511 Oh, there’s also this shop selling Asian ingredients. You see, I am still a newbie to cooking. Whatever my mum recipe was, I had to follow one by one. Punya la susah carik bawang putih, halia, CHILLI SAUCE..all those asian stuff at Woolworths (their supermarket). So when I found this shop, I went crazy. 2 weeks without chilli, I cannot survive sey 😦 After that we drove home and came across this. It felt so near to us. Ahh, I kinda like their lifestyle over there. So laid back and peaceful. To be continued…



4 thoughts on “#afhoneymoon: Gold Coast (Part II)

  1. So wasted the camera! Hais nasib now all smartphones ada camera. those king penguins look so damn cute lah haha

    And yes you are right, their lifestyle is so much more relaxed.. I bet they live longer lol. But wait, there are so many dangerous creatures in Australia.. they say that if something can kill you, it probably lives in Australia haha

    • Yeah man! I was bummed on the spoilt camera coz alek sg kene byr ganti rugi for the camera 😦

      Lol. True that to many dangerous creatures in australia. But majority is in the water kn? As long as you stay clear of it, you can pretty much survive. Haha! But its a good getaway from city life,definitely 🙂

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