#afhoneymoon: Gold Coast (Part III)

We went to Dream World the following day. I don’t know why but I suddenly became a scary cat seeing all the rides -.- Perhaps I wasn’t feeling well the day before due to home sick (ikr).




This (see below) was greeted to us once we entered the entrance. You tell me how can I not? That , fyi, is the Giant Drop ride.C360_2015-02-06-10-03-05-970

I told A I cannot do it. Maybe try other rides first to warm up. So, our first ride was Shockwave. It was categorized under Family Ride. Pictures below taken from google.


It may look like it’s nothing but it’s quite terrifying. I would rate it around 6-7 out of 10? In my head was like..kalau ni family ride, thrill ride macam mane seyy! Next was The Claw, which was just beside. The good thing about the theme park was the waiting time was quite fast. The Claw ni pon boleh tahan teruk but I still can overcome it. 20150206_104352

Credit: Youtube

 Slowly plucking the courage to take the thrilling rides..20150206_104606

Took a few rides..then we decided to take a break by goofing around taking lots of pictures 🙂20150206_114218

“Mak kau hijau!” – LOL.


His signature pose.

20150206_113644 20150206_113622 20150206_113531    20150206_113551                 20150206_141002 20150206_140905  20150206_140821 20150206_140847 20150206_130639

When we resumed back to taking the rides, A wanted to take this but I backed out. I told him I couldn’t do it. So, he went to take the ride alone. Towards the end, after we had gone almost all the family rides, I told myself that I have to do it otherwise, I would regret! You definitely cannot find these kind of rides in SG. Those who are going here, DO TAKE ALL THE RIDES. I regretted not taking this one last ride.

And yes, I finally plucked that lil courage to take the Giant Drop and A went for his second round. It was damn tall okay. 119m high and going down at the speed of 135km/hr. When we were up there, it was very chilling, nice view..with the sound of a click, it dropped down very fast! Luckily it doesn’t go up and down back continuously. After I reached the ground safely, I was hyped up wanting to try more. I went for TOWER OF TERROR 2. It’s like the reverse of roller coaster. Damn syiok I tell you (it’s kinda connected, in fact, side by side with the Giant Drop). Watch the video if you don’t believe it.

Taken from: Youtube

Taken from: Youtube20150206_130655

After that, A went on to take this ride; BuzzSaw. I have no problems with Roller Coaster but when I saw this, remind me of Final Destination. Lol. I totally backed out on this. The only ride at Dream World I didn’t take.


Kurang ajar kan when they suddenly stop in the middle. Haha, ohwells. Should have ride this. YOLO moment la gitu.

Taken from: Youtube


A place where I discover my own fears.


Haha – Running man moment.  20150206_152931

We were here for very longgg. K.O at the end of the day. 20150206_154157 My love for paddlepop ❤ A sweet treat to reward ourselves after taking those rides.


Last tourist shot with the koalas. Kaki jelly already. The next two days we went for Wet ‘n’ Wild and White Water World back to back. Macam mane tak gelap! Last entry next!


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