#afhoneymoon: Gold Coast (Part IV)

Here come the last entry! Not many photos taken because it’s water activity and we are not allowed to hold any cameras on hand. Alhamdulillah for the hot weather because we were able to enjoy every single rides! It was scorching hot and no matter how much sunblock I used, I still ended up being tanned. Lol.

I forgot which theme park we went first..either way, we visited both Wet ‘n’ Wild and White Water World.




20150207_134838 20150208_100922


This was greeted by us at the free open space carpark at Wet ‘n’ Wild. That is the Aqua Loop, whereby you stand and the base will release you down the loop. It was quite scary but syiokkk. Apparently, they will need check your weight before you can enter. That was how I got to know my husband’s weight. Lol. Imagine 8 years with him, he won’t tell me his weight. He would claim that he’s 60kg..plus minus 20kg -.-” There’s this one kid who got stuck and couldn’t make the complete 360 degree turn tu. Instead, he slided back. Hahah! We were shocked but lucky, there seemed to be an opening for the boy to get off. Wet ‘n’ Wild more happening in my opinion (it was probably our last theme park before we went back SG). Downside of the theme parks? Must climb a lot of staircase! Imagine that and dragging the big round swimming buoy? Gaahh, ended up A carried it for me. Haha. Penat nohhh! It was superbbb gerekkk 😀

C360_2015-02-08-15-42-15-407     20150208_150739

This coke is a must to drink every single day. It’s thirst quenching and perfect for hot weather. Only 1 AUD (if I remember correctly) for this big size. Each day during our stay at Gold Coast, we had went to every single theme parks. Kecoh. We went Carrara Market but it was a disappointment. Nothing much to grab. We didn’t have time to go to Surfers Paradise also because by then, we’ll be too exhausted from the theme parks and we had to cook dinner some more. Regardless, no regrets for sure! Maybe next time, we’ll focus on sight seeing 🙂 Till then, that marks the last part of our honeymoon! We are going for a second honeymoon in September. InsyaAllah..everything is booked. Waiting for the time to come je.

Feeling very blessed to be married..Alhamdulillah 🙂 Happy planning for wedding uolls!


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