Yes or No?

Our last exam was on May. It wasn’t an easy one. The modules I took was quite challenging. I was extra stressed out and sad (personal matter)..what with conflicts going on at work, adjusting to married life, to and fro to PIL’s house every weekend (when will I find time to study?), house chores and so on. A on the other hand, was very lepak jack. He only started studying a week before exams..

So anyway, on the last day of exams, I wasn’t feeling relief or happy. I was so afraid I would flunk my first paper which was very kurang ajar pls. Then, many thoughts came to mind. “What if A managed to graduate but I didnt? What if I need to extend another semester just to clear that one module?! When will I be able to search for a degree related new job? I don’t want to be stuck in this place(current workplace) till end of year!” And it goes on. People around me kept telling me I will do fine. I worry a lot sampai I even googled how to find out exam results before release -.-”  (there’s one forum but it was in 2012. I cannot find the portion they were talking about!)

After exams, I did try to apply a few jobs..then I stopped because I wasn’t confident what is my highest qualification. Nak kate degree, belum tau pass. Finally, our result was released yesterday. A’s result was released at 1pm whereas mine was at 4pm! The longest wait ever!! A managed to clear everything and he was happy to be able to graduate within 3 years (it was the min years. I influenced him to take maximum modules each sem. lol). I, on the other hand, was worried for mine. Waited anxiously and it came down to this…


Alhamdulillah!! After days of waiting, I passed all my modules. I was surprised at my grades..but all I can say is Alhamdulillah repeatedly. So yay! My dream of graduating together with my husband came true after all! (left with a bump je) And then, the next email I received was this..


If you meet a certain criteria, you will be invited to take Honours. Truthfully, ever since I began my course, I’ve always wanted to take Honours. I should be happy right after receiving this email? But after I got married, everything had changed. I’m feeling 50-50 about this. People advised if the area I want to work requires honours, I should take..if not, no need. I don’t even know if need or not?!

Reasons why I should not accept this offer:

1) I’m tired of studying already

2) I’m thinking of starting a family. I got the hint parentssss.

3) Degree is good enough? Honours will add more stress into my life; capstone project!

4) Need to fork out $$ for school fees -.-”

Reasons why I should accept this offer:

1) It’s only a one-time offer. I can choose to accept it and defer. But knowing myself, I don’t like things to delay. I just want it to be done and over with. And that is another year to go!

2) I’ve been wanting this since the beginning. Just go je kan?

3) Good profile to my resume. Can ask for more $$?

I know the ‘should not accept’ wins the ‘should accept’.. I’m still contemplating. It’s like half of my head and heart says go for it, another half says dont. Oh God, please show me the sign! I need it before 23rd June!


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