So, believe it or not, I just opened the cd (softcopy) for our official wedding photo. Lol. I’m like soooo lazy to open up because it’s at the back of our album (heavy la that’s why). Here we go… a #throwback


F3_3003 F3_3006 F3_3008 F3_3004  F3_3005 F3_3009  

F3_3002  F3_3013F3_3014    F3_3017F3_3027 F3_3038     F3_3046  F3_3050   F3_3075   F3_3057  F3_3061  F3_3059



F3_3204 F3_3098  F3_3105 F3_3106  F3_3151 F3_3154

F3_3183 F3_3141 F3_3192 F3_3197  F3_3205

Evening Gown

F3_3232  F3_3246 F3_3247 F3_3239

Till the next entry…in October? Lol.


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