I can’t really think of a title now.

I’ve been meaning to update this blog but pregnancy keeps you lazy and tired all the time. Or is it just me? Heh. Yesterday, I just turn 23 weeks..next week will be 6 months! Another 3 more months (InsyaAllah..Amin)! How time flies.

Had quite a fair share of ‘cobaan’ during my pregnancy. During hari raya haji, I was down with flu, fever and almost asthma attack. Thanks haze! A couple of weeks back, I had wisdom tooth surgery and another normal tooth extracted because I was so in pain that I couldn’t eat despite being very hungry. 7 days MC. And today is my 3rd day (out of 1 week) of my HL mainly because I’ve exhausted my ML 😦 and also Dr Suzanna suspected I have shingles. Well, seeing the outcome/symptoms of it, it’s CONFIRMED shingles lor. The area affected are on the side of my forehead and my nose bridge -.- It’s small but damn, the nerve pain can be very kurang ajar. Not so much on the itchiness. Well, it differs from time to time. Was given medication that will keep me drowsy almost the whole day. Ever since I got pregnant, I HATE to eat medicine tablets. Imagine the horror when Dr prescribed to me 4 tablets, 5 times a day (every 4 hours) and for 5 consecutive days. I’m literally counting down to the 5th day! Must complete 100 tablets leh within 5 days! 1 day I’m swallowing 20 tablets 😦 Oh you get what I mean! Shall bear with it. Nak baik kan! I feel bad for my baby coz I’ve not been in good shape for the past few months. Am I weak? It gets depressing when you are sick during pregnancy. Regardless, Alhamdulillah to know that baby is growing well inside me. Please continue to grow well while I’m recovering.

Enough of the pregnancy emotional rant. Did I mention we found out the baby gender already? Ever since that, I’ve been looking (and spending as well..opps!) at/on baby clothes all the time! So geram! I used not to get what’s the hype bout it but really, you will one day. We went for the first baby fair and bought quite a lot of baby items. Spent a total of 5 hours there (we actually came back the next day to find something to buy. lol). Only left with breast pump (damn those are quite ex!), baby rocker, baby clothes (this one is never enough) and other minor items which I can’t think of right now. Can’t wait for the next upcoming baby fair! Ohmy, what have I become?

Okay, that’s it for now. Time for medicine AGAIN…(3rd time of the day..haish)


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