random ranting.

I’ve been wanting to update but I don’t know what to write exactly. I will just let the words flow from my brain la eh.

How’s pregnancy so far? Alhamdulillah. Been growing well..in terms of size and appetite. A loves to tease and call me ‘temok’ -.-” Baby loves to kick me every now and then. I will still get shocked over baby’s sudden actions. Lol. Regardless, it’s a nice feeling 🙂 Nothing out of the world kinda cravings..but i love love love sweet stuff! I’m kinda looking forward to my next appointment, which will be next week, so that I can see baby #lilAN, . Yesss, we’ve come up with a name! So exciting! >.<

On a side note, out of many things, I miss wearing jeans 😦 ikr my priorities. Obviously it’s normal for me not to fit into any of my current clothes except for the dresses (jelak already wear dress every time!). I could just buy those clothes in bigger sizes but I’m rather lazy to go shopping. Ohwells, if I continue on I will just keep whining and giving excuses. Moving on!

Celebrated bestie’s belated birthday last Wednesday. Brought her to Royz Et Vous for dinner. Main reason: To try out the halal wine. Hahahaha.


Food was good! Bestie said the white wine taste like #$%@# , in short, it wasn’t much of a pleasant taste.



Excited for nothing je that wine. Lol. Boleh dikatakan the wine was left untouched after the tasting. The last person in our group to turn 25!



Me love love the molten chocolate cake! Masih eh.


Feeling feeling pegang wine glass je :p Lol.


14 years of friendship.


After that, we lepak at SB@OneFullerton before cabbing back home coz this pregnant woman cannot walk far to the MRT anymore. Hurhurhur.


I had to take picture of the bump after all the good food I get to eat 😀 #yayailookfat #itsthebajulahnotme #angleponsalahsoilookshort #partialdenial

That’s it for now! I think my writing structure lari giler. Topic jump here and there. HAHAHA. BEDAL JE LA, JANJI UPDATE KAN. K BYE!


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