a short break.

Me: B, why you never talk to the baby? I read blogs/articles that it’s good (or so I claim it to be. lol) for the father to talk or read to the baby once in a while.

A: Okay2..I will tell story. Once upon a time, your daddy is playing FIFA. Goodnight!

Me: HAHAHA wth b! Say something laaaa

A: Something…something something something.. *endless of the word something*

Annoying kan dekni! -.-

Anyway, going for a short staycation tomorrow! I need a break man! Can’t go far away coz basically I’m left with no leave/MC to take! *sob sob*

A: You sanggup tak tidur without your maternity pillow?

Me: Alah, bawak aje laaaa

A: You da giler?!

Agak-agak boleh lepas tak bawak maternity pillow macam ni pegi hotel? Lol.



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