baby shower.

Last Saturday, me and A went to Baby Fair (ikr, again) @ Expo to get the last few items in our list. So sad that I can no longer walk around for hours due to the swollen legs 😦 Anyway, same old same old. As we were walking around, I told A that as long as we have a child, we’ll keep coming back here (you know to get the child’s next stage items eg toys, clothes etc). He thought that will be the last time he’s stepping into Baby Fair. Hurhur, yelar tu! Entah-entah biler da ade anak, dier yang over-spend.

Oh, after that we met up with my friend to get our cravings fulfilled; Chulops! 😀 We were trying to kill time as A supposed to send us to Bugis for us to meet up with the girls. We usually meet up on weekday after work. But this time round, since everyone ‘seemed’ busy, they asked for a meet up on late afternoon (6.30pm) on a weekend instead. We were supposed to have dinner at Vintage Delicafe. I mean when there’s food, we (pregnant women) couldn’t resist to it. So we went with the flow..and we got blindfolded! Turned out the meetup was for our surprised baby shower 😀


We were greeted by this the moment they removed our blindfolds. Totally surprised, indeed!

20160116_190020 So cute the diaper kits! You can guess from the kits what’s our baby gender.


20160116_193952 The dessert spread. Yums!

20160116_201315 Our dinner. Baru plan nak makan alfredo seafood pasta! Ni pun jadi laa

IMG-20160116-WA0016 My friends were shocked to see my belly. Anyway, I’m glad I’ve a friend to go through this pregnancy together. She’s just 1 month after me.

IMG-20160116-WA0023 You know this was not the only surprise we got. The staycation was the second surprise! We were both married and we had no clue that our husbands were involved in the planning as well. Turns out, the moment A sent the both of us to bugis, he went home to pack my things for the staycation (including my maternity pillow!! lol). He didn’t even see me to pass the items T.T He passed it to my bestie instead.


Part of the reason for the initially meetup; our annual (delayed) gifts exchange.


We didn’t even have group photos taken. But heck, it’s the memories that matters most right? It was a laid back, resting and enjoying each other’s company. Very thankful to have these bunch of girlfriends 🙂 I can’t believe there will be 2 more lil girls joining our group.

Waiting game comes next week onwards. My next appointment falls on our 1 year anniversary. Hopefully, all is good so that we can go and have a buffet celebration! Please pray for my smooth delivery and may Allah ease our affairs when the time comes. Amin.



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