It’s almost 5am in the morning and i cant get back to sleep after waking up to pee just now at 3am -.- being hungry is partly the reason i cant sleep also. Sooo tempted to wake up the husband and go breakfast at macd. Hmmm…

Anyhoos, currently im 39 weeks 3 days and still very much pregnant. Started my maternity leave after cny already. A’s last day of work was 3rd feb and will start on his new job 22nd feb onwards. He’s been doing some part time job for a time being and was/am still around me most of the time. Im grateful for his presence during these period.

Thought i would deliver by 38 weeks sey if i follow both my sisters but maybe it’s just not meant for me. It’s normal for first timer. Hoping to be dilating naturally and fast before my edd as i dont feel any pain at the moment. Or maybe im not sure if its the RIGHT pain im feeling? I dont knowww.. many people are anxious on the arrival of the baby (friends, family and obviously me and A!) that they tend to be insensitive about it. Or maybe im just being too sensitive kot. Kalau boleh beranak sekarang, i would already do so sey. Oh yay, push and pop baby come out -.- but nak buat ape kan if baby is still not ready to come out? (Maybe it’s the good food im eating) Kalau boleh taknak kene induced but when i redha already, people said its very painful and it just doesnt seem pleasant to hear it for me? Like thanks for the encouragement! *sarcastically* shall stay away from these negative people and focus on getting my labour ongoing. Any tips? (Tried squats, walking, climbing staircase etc)

Ohh, and baby is getting bigger. Need to control my food intake but always fail 😦 da lapar, nak buat ape kn? Takkan nak puase till beranak? Tak kesah la.. i will just continue to eat as per norm (maybe smaller portion ke ape)..aslkan baby sihat and selamat.

May everything goes smoothly. InsyaAllah, Amin.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts.

  1. Babe yes dont care abt those negative comments! Like u said as long baby & u sihat 😀 Allah is the best of planners. Insyaallah u will have a smooth delivery amin!

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