Whaddup..! So i have given birth to a precious beautiful baby girl on the 15 Feb 2016 at 2.38am. It was just a day shy from my planned induced birth; which was supposed to be on my EDD 16 Feb.. Syukur Alhamdulillah everything goes as per normal 🙂

I still cannot believe im now a mother. I have become those mothers who are obsessed with their own child. Lol.

Introducing my daughter, Ayra Natasha Binte Muhammad Azmi. I love you sooo much Ayra 😙😙😍😍IMG-20160215-WA0003IMG-20160216-WA0007

This was what she wore upon discharge. A said she’s so cute mcm bugs’ life yer fat caterpillar tu. Lol. Bapak yer tk ubah2.

Oh, shall update on my labour story later. When things are settled down with the baby.


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