My labour story

So where do i begin? Let’s start from my last appointment with Dr S.

10th Feb (39 weeks 1 day)

Still nothing. Zilch. Not feeling any pain. Was monitoring baby’s movement for 2 weeks already and movements were still more than 10 times within a day. Had a 2nd VE and it wasnt as bad as the first one. Progression? 1.5cm dilated only. Whutt. Only 0.5cm increase from previous week -.-

Discussed with Dr S on the next possibility. I opted to be induced on my edd in case im still not in labour by then. Dr S advised me to bring along a book/download movie etc coz waiting time can be quite long. So ape lagi, balek tros download ebook ‘Me before you’ and a couple of movies into my ipad. I was secretly hoping that i will be in labour naturally though..

Went to ‘The Cathay’ right after appointment. Had a yummy fish and chips from eighteen chefs..(makan lagi!) walked around plaza sing and finally watched deadpool (yessah! Dapat jgak tgk last movie)! Gerek pe tu movie 😁😁

12th Feb (39 weeks 3 days)

Went to west coast park to walk and even exercise! Boleh semput eh but for the sake nak cepatkan labour.. lepas tu makan macdonald. Haha! Prangai budak gemok!

Did i mention that i got irritated by people asking me if i had given birth or not? In a way they are trying to scare me kalau kene induced. Gahh 😒😒 some people are so insensitive 😡😡 Or maybe im the one being overly-sensitive? Cannot blame pregnant woman ok!

13th Feb (39 weeks 4 days)

Was bored at home. I was lucky A was at home, or rather free from work during that time. His last day of work was on 3 Feb. So i kinda get to spend lotsa time with him before i pop. He only started his new career on the 22 Feb. Anw, A brought me to eat pizza hut. Eat all you can they say..hehe. This pregnancy made me craved lotsa sweet/junk/western food! Padahal supposed to “diet” after knowing baby’s weight that time. Ohwells. Da lapar nak buat ape kn! Bedal je.

14th Feb (39 weeks 5 days)

Woke up with a cramp like feeling. Ahh..i forgot how annoying the pain was. Went to the toilet and noticed a blood spotting. Kinda panic for a while there. Told A and my sis about it. My sis told me to just monitor the blood spotting first. If contraction interval shortened, baru g hospital. So this was it. I began monitoring my contractions and it was irregular. Sometimes 6 mins – 40 mins (is this braxton hicks contractions?).

Felt like eating nasi padang. Kirekan my last meal gitu la. Had nasi padang at Minang for Sunday breakfast with my MIL and SIL. Sedappppp! Sakit tetap sakit. Blood spotting is becoming slightly heavier. Went back home. A wanted to bring me to KKH tros  (since kkh and bugis are nearr -.-) but i told him i dont want to waste time at the hospital on a sunday. Furthermore, i can still tahan the pain. I tried to sleep at home..but cannot sey with the pain. Told myself that if by 3pm, masih ade darah, i should just go.

3pm : Went to the toilet to clear my bowels. Haha berani eh. I really feel like berak-ing and ensure that it was my bowels, not the baby before i teran. Lol. TMI. Anw, blood spotting is consistent so i admitted myself to kkh. Earlier on called their hotline to ask for advice, tak gune pon. They need you to come down so that they can check visually and advise accordingly.

4pm: Went straight to observation room. Ahh..that room brought back memories. A female doctor came in to do VE. I was 3cm dilated. Woahh.. i thought i would be given option to go back first. Sekali… tros kene masok labour ward. Same like last time, only this time, i was well prepared. I couldnt go back because i was GBS positive. I needed to be given antibiotic at least 4hrs before labour. I was lucky to have a nice, friendly SSN to insert the iv drip on me. She did it only once sey and its not painful at all as compared to my previous experience. That kinda got me into good mood 🤗🤗

7pm: Doctor came to do VE again. I was still 3cm dilated even after all those pain! They called Dr S and she advised to let me roam around the room to quicken labour. I was off from the baby heartbeat monitoring and i began roaming around the small spaced room with my back exposed. It helped to distract myself from the contraction pain. This was what i looked like.


The plan was to break my waterbag if im still not progressing by midnight. I walked for almost 1.5hrs before giving up and came back to the bed. The contractions were getting more intense. Being in bed doesnt really help! The pain attacked my back. I couldnt roll over or move much in bed. Ya Allah..sakit dier..

I no longer track the interval of my contractions since im linked to the machine. I kept asking A to sleep first (while i endured the pain alone..srsly, what he could do for me kan?). Tried to sleep but obviously cannot. That backache was the worst for me! The pain was quite indescribable.

11.30pm: A male doctor came to do VE. At that point of time, i couldnt be bothered who wants to check my vagina..just tell me how many cm im dilated nowwww. Checked; 4cm. Oh-ma-gawddd..all those sufferings for 4hrs, im only 4cm dilated?! Geram sungguh. I dont know how much pain/hours i can bear..and it came..the golden question: “Do you want to take epidural?”

I was considering to try out laughing gas first..but heck, why waste time. After much considerations, i told A that i wantedto take epidural. I cannot tahan the backache..mcm nk putus! Alhamdulillah, the epidural guy (sorry, noob here. Dont know what’s the term for it) came in a minute after i signed the agreement (i didnt bother reading it coz i was in too much pain so A read it instead). I’ve read on how long some women had to wait for the guy to come coz there’s a queue for it..i was lucky i guess? Maybe tak byk org tgh beranak that time. Seram jugak part nak start the epi procedure. I dont dare to look at their needles or any equipments involved. They also dont allow A to look when the guy was inserting the needle at my back. The pain for the procedure was..ok? Not painful la. Or maybe my contractions deviated the pain away. Slowly, i was feeling numb downwards. And it only lasted for 5 freaking minutes.

i was briefed that i can ask for higher dosage in case the pain was getting intense. I could still feel my contractions but bearable at that time. I waited and, asl makin sakit ni…told myself to endure just a lil bit.

12 plus midnight: Asked the nurse if i can get higher dosage coz the pain is back..esp my backache. She did VE on me. This time, i couldnt feel anything..she godeh2 me and kept quiet. She then prepared some surgical equipments. So i asked her how many cm now? She calmly said 8cm. I was like WHUTTT..from 4cm jumped to 8cm in an hour! By then, A was already asleep beside me. I woke him up and told him im 8cm dilated. Dengan cepat dier bangun! Hahah. Im giving birth soon! Excited yer!

1 plus am: A friendly malay mid-wife came to do the checking again. They got me prepared for labour. When she godeh2 inside me, just in time, my water bag also burst naturally. Alhamdulillah. Was told that Dr S was on her way. Nak aje tanye from where and how long? In the meantime, they got me into position and practiced pushing. During that push, the baby’s head was 1/4 out. The first thing i asked A was, “rambut dier lebat tak?” Haha, priority done right. I was told to wait. I was so obedient and waited 😇😇

I couldn’t be more thankful when Dr S came! Everyone was very encouraging, saying im pushing well. It just motivated me to do better. After a few pushes, Ayra came out at 2.38am. Syukur Alhamdulillah!


I was amazed at how clean and pure she was. And nope, they havent wipe her at this point of time. I think i teared a bit. How can i not? Overwhelming feelings. I cant believe she was in my womb for 9 months, whom i have had casual conversation with when no one is around. There she was in my arms.

A watched the whole thing and what’s going on down there 😐😐 i told him that i deserve a push gift sia. Lol. I love him more for being by my side and encouraging me during my labour..Before and after.. he will be a great dad, InsyaAllah Amin.


Just look at him. He couldnt take his eyes off ayra 😍😍 lovely father-daughter bond.

Was transferred to normal ward at 5.30am.


#iwokeuplikethis..after giving birth. So that’s how it goes. Alhamdulillah, recovering well right now. Just survived 7 days of urut. Damn, nobody said it was a torture. First few days that is. See how tight my bengkung is! Ouh, i havent even touch my jamu yet. Maybe i wont at all. Lol. Ok bye!




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