The day all newbie mothers been dreading of: BACK TO WORK after 16 weeks of ML. So here I am. Killing time with blogging while waiting to go back..back with ayra! It’s day 2 of work and it doesn’t get easier (okay la, maybe slightly easier)! Did I mention I cried yesterday when I left her under my mum’s care? #clingymum Now I understand those mothers complaining that 16 weeks are barely enough. It’s true though! It’s the phase of getting to know more on your child..and then you gotta leave them so you can go back to work. Haish. Please don’t judge me because I used to judge them and karma hits me hard (not that it’s a bad thing though..sape tak sayang anak sendiri kan?)

Anyway, back to work kan. Colleagues were surprised to see me..all covered up (Alhamdulillah..i finally plucked the courage to do so). Oh, the common comments I got from them were:

  1. Welcome back! How are you? How’s your baby?
  2. Woahhh, so slim.. you don’t look like you’ve just given birth.
  3. Eh, I heard you are leaving?

Been wanting to tender when I came back but I’ve not secured a job yet (why so difficult to find 😥 ). A has been encouraging me to resign, stay at home with ayra till I get a new job. Tempting offer but that would mean no income for me. No online shopping (i started this ever since I wear tudung [- asyik beli tudung je] and also suffered from boredom thanks to confinement), no extra savings (need to start saving for our house!) and having to be 100% dependent on A. Kinda hate that. I’ll give myself till end of year. I need to move on to a new environment already! Anyone with job offers? Hehs.

Job issues aside. Ayra’s turning 4 month in two weeks’ time! She’s going for her jab also. Wonder if this jab will cause her to have fever or not. She had one when she was 3rd month. So sedih sey seeing her lemah and all. Taking leave to take care of her 🙂 much love for this girl! ❤ ❤ My phone gallery are full of her pictures!

Taken during her cukur rambut. She was sleeping eh when they cut her hair. 
Family of 3 now 😀
Budak suke kuar! See her to no to THAT? 
Her favourite time of the day, besides drinking milk, is bathing! She will be all smiley and laughing. Let’s go swimming soon baby?

Ok da sikit2 cukup. Woots, 10 more minutes till I cabot! Oh and SELAMAT MENJALANI IBADAH PUASA in advance 🙂


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