So this story is about a girl who is in relationship with a guy for 6 8 years (this year!). No thoughts of marriage until one day both parents decided to choose a date for engagement. Like woah, hold on a moment! Next minute, we are now planning for our wedding, while juggling with work and part time degree [YAY COMPLETED ALREADY!]. Stress is an understatement but we’re surviving. Thank god for a reliable partner who keep knocking some sense into me whenever I tend to be carried away with the choices that’s not reasonable (beyond our budget lahh).

The story of how I met your mother my fiance..

Well, zaman Friendster and MSN dulu play a huge role in our relationship. Apparently, I was already friends with him (I really can’t recall how it happen) and he added me up at MSN. I left an offline message to him asking him who is he. Of course, it’s basic knowledge (not stalking) to check out Friendster with his email add. Turns out he’s in the same school as me! I was in Year 1 and he’s in his 3rd year. And he’s pretty cool kid, you know kinda lepak guy, who play in a band, play soccer and a business student (plus point as he got into the course that I didn’t manage to get in).

The funny thing is we were never online at the same time. So we keep sending each other offline message until..one day..HE’S ONLINE. We chatted at MSN for hours, days, weeks, months maybe? Then one fine day, I received a prank call and the name of the prankster was almost similar as him. Of course I suspected a lot of things like maybe my ex tried to pull a prank on me, play with my feelings and all. So I directed the question to him..he said he have no freaking idea and at the same time, he plucked his courage to ask for my number. Hehehe~*miang*


He’s such a funny guy who always makes me laugh. So, malam-malam, depan laptop, ketawer la sorang sorang aku. Finally, I decided it’s time for us to meet. I was very nervous! We met, it was awkward but it’s more to shy awkward. We bid goodbyes at Jurong Bus Interchange..and next thing we knew, that’s the start of our love story!

6 8 years has passed by without us realizing it. Relationship ain’t always a beautiful thing but we’ve learnt a lot from each other and we compromised a lot. Even after all these years, I’m still falling for him.

Oh, and our wedding date will fall on the 25th Jan 2015 (Alhamdulillah, selamat diijab kabulkan :))


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