✩ The Chosen Ones ✩

List of Chosen Vendors

1) Catering – MJ Catering ✔

2) Decoration – Amani Wedding Services ✔

3) Bridal – Hambali The Wedding Regalia (Final fitting in Jan)

4) Outdoor Photoshoot – Esa Wedding Gallery ✔

5) Photography/Videography – D’Shootz (once finalize the itinerary, email to them -> Nov/Dec)

6) Entertainment – Sri Gemilang (contact them again in Dec)

7) Bridal Henna – SyraSkins (23 Jan) ✔

8) Photobook/Guestbook – Snap A Picture Services (contact them in Dec/Jan to confirm the design?)

9) Invitation Card – Card Maison ✔

10) Wedding Cake – Fluff Bakery (meeting them on 6 Dec) ✔

11) Wedding Course – Kasih Sejati (@Suchi Success Training Centre) ✔

12) Kompang + Dikir Performance – Percussionz by Makyong Kedek (liaise directly with bro in law) ✔

13) Gubahan Services – Elly Weddings (Jan to send the items)

14) Wedding band – BOUGHT!! 😀 ✔

15) Bridal Bouquet – Cherriesmitten ♥ ✔

16) Booked honeymoon tickets/package! ✔

17) Booked Tok Kadi online! ✔

18) Booking of Venue – Jurong Green CC  ✔

19) Bridal Spa Package  ✔

20) Wedding Shoe ✔

21) Barang-barang Hantaran (bought!) ✔


1) Wedding Favours (DIY – Rewang in Jan)

Woah, we are ALMOST there! Yey! Did I miss out anything? 😀


4 thoughts on “✩ The Chosen Ones ✩

    • Oh hello!! At last someone with same wedding date as me! 😀 Anw, photoshoot was fun but tiring (4 outfits!). My package consisted of 1 outdoor, 3 indoors. Took us the whole day (11am till 9pm) to finish the whole thing – But again, i think depends on your photographer. By the time we had our last outfit, we were very tired and it was reflected in the pictures 😦 Went to see the sample during photo selection, got to say it was worth it in the end 😀 When will you be going for the photoshoot?

  1. Hi there, 

    i just read ur blog post cos i googled about esa wedding. Wanting to know more about the reviews since i booked esa wedding for my pre wedding shoot next year. Same case as you, in the contract stated 21 poses for 10 pages album. Do u mind to share with me how much u pay for the additional pics? Hehe. Looking for your reply n Thank u so much!!

    Heres my email add:

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